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My site is in a stage of slight disrepair right now so please be patient peoples!=P
Hello there!Feel free to look around my site please look at my art or quiz results sometime! I'm a HUGE Naruto Shippuden and Tsubasa fan.I love to make new friends.I also have a new club so Pm me to join!O.k...more about me....umm....I'll get back to you on that....
P.S.-Whats up?!Feel free to Pm me anytime 'cause I'm on everyday!

Monday, February 25, 2008

   What a pain...

I went to a hearing specialist today because I've had on and off swimmers ear since last July (i mean seriously?!).They said that I had actually had an infection thats been eroding my ear drum all this time.Now theres a hole in my ear drum thats effecting my hearing and that can only be fixed by surgery....and so yeah now I'm probably going into surgery as soon asa FCATS are finished.I'll probably have to be out of school for AT LEAST a week after surgery.To top it all off I have a horrible cold...wonderful...just wonderful...Until surgery I have to take ear drops twice a day.oh well...So I won't be on theO for a while.I'll tell you before I go though so no sweat.Can't wait 'til Version Vibrant comes out!=]
Should I change my theme?Or just my post boxes and bg?Because its very bright and busy...kind of annoying actually.How 'bout you guys anything special planned for....anytime soon?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   Hello Ppls =P

Me is bored...I don't really have anything to post about...Not much going on here...None of my Supernatural backgrounds seem to be showing up on my site...>.> However,I'm going to Hot Topic today~!XP How're you guys?Question:Out of curiuosity how did you get into anime/manga??No really I want to know!I think at I first watched Sailor Moon then it was Yu-gi-oh...I forgot about it until a friend got me back into anime/manga.Thank you orochimaru395!!!=]
Hope you all have a great weekend!=]

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   Yay another poem thingy!

I wrote two more of these short little things so please enjoy!

In the darkness of the desert night,
I close my eyes and pray,
You're still here beside me,
I'll reach out and grasp your hand,
My stiff fingers are alone in the empty air,
I whisper,"no,"
Pictures slam through my mind,
You smiling,you laughing,you crying,
I reach out my hand,
My fingers brush,once more against your face,
I open my eyes,
I'm standing alone under the sakura tree,
I'm home again,
These memories seem so real,
I have to let them go,
I can't,
I can't let you go,
Not like this,
It wasn't supposed to end like this,
The tears hardly even register as they run down my face,
Through this a new emotion bubbles up,
I'm angry with you,
Though I know that its not your fault,
The sakura petals swirl around me,
Sticking to my tear-stained face and soaked shirt,
Though your last wish was for me to be happy,
You knew better.....
I close my eyes and pray,
And let these memories slowly fade.


I'm falling back into the darkness,
It grabs at my heart and tears at my soul,
I may never rise again,
any last goodbyes?
My hands search for you,
because I can no longer see,
You were that one branch to keep me from going over the edge,
But now that branch is gone,
Empty air slide through my cold, stiff fingers,
I wonder if I'm dying ,or rather,if I'm already dead,
Yet in the midst of all this pain,
Its funny to me how you've turned into such a joke....


You can't leave me alone here,
To forever hate what I've become,
I hear your screams,
My covered ears,
There is no sleep,
My silent fears,
No comfort in fake smiles,
My silent tears,

What rain never stops?
Though dead are the crops?
Silently the people weep,
For gone is that which they seek?
A wise man once said,
Impossible to revive the dead,
For the life which is lost,
Is gone at all costs

I know the last one doesn't make much sense but it was math class you know what I mean?Ugh...I have a science test tommorrow so I have to leave now...Bye ppls!!OOH!Wait!How was your day and your weeekend?
Ok now I've got to go!BYE!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

   Tsubasa FC/Movie Titles

Well the banners done but it doesn't fit on my site...-__-' oh well you get the jist of it.
I went to see Spiderwick today just for kicks but it wasn't really that good.Whats with movie titles lately anyways?"The Eye"? "The Happening"? We couldn't have run out of titles already?!?....Or maybe the movies just stink and aren't worthy of better titles?Beats me...How is everyone doing lately?How was your day?Do you like my new background image?Random QSs I know....oh well...random funny avatars *BACK OFF THEY ARE MINE!!!!*

Tsubasa Cronicle

Fai is a SPAZ!

Tsubasa Chronicle

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Tsubasa Cronicle

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