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Monday, February 25, 2008

   What a pain...
I went to a hearing specialist today because I've had on and off swimmers ear since last July (i mean seriously?!).They said that I had actually had an infection thats been eroding my ear drum all this time.Now theres a hole in my ear drum thats effecting my hearing and that can only be fixed by surgery....and so yeah now I'm probably going into surgery as soon asa FCATS are finished.I'll probably have to be out of school for AT LEAST a week after surgery.To top it all off I have a horrible cold...wonderful...just wonderful...Until surgery I have to take ear drops twice a day.oh well...So I won't be on theO for a while.I'll tell you before I go though so no sweat.Can't wait 'til Version Vibrant comes out!=]
Should I change my theme?Or just my post boxes and bg?Because its very bright and busy...kind of annoying actually.How 'bout you guys anything special planned for....anytime soon?

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