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Monday, February 18, 2008

   Tsubasa FC/Movie Titles
Well the banners done but it doesn't fit on my site...-__-' oh well you get the jist of it.
I went to see Spiderwick today just for kicks but it wasn't really that good.Whats with movie titles lately anyways?"The Eye"? "The Happening"? We couldn't have run out of titles already?!?....Or maybe the movies just stink and aren't worthy of better titles?Beats me...How is everyone doing lately?How was your day?Do you like my new background image?Random QSs I know....oh well...random funny avatars *BACK OFF THEY ARE MINE!!!!*

Tsubasa Cronicle

Fai is a SPAZ!

Tsubasa Chronicle

Poor Kuro-puu

Tsubasa Cronicle

Heres the banner below but I'm afraid you won't be able to enlarge it...

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