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Monday, February 22, 2010

February Post #1!
Guess whaaaaat?! I'm back from the anime convention! It was SO much fun and totally worth it!

We stayed there all weekend (Friday 19, Sat. 20) and part of today (Sunday 21)!

I cosplayed as Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia, my fave female character from ToS. I know you're probably thinking I should have cosplayed as Tear, but hey, her costume would have been hard to make and would have taken more time (which we ended up having not much of) to make it, and I didn't have enough money to buy one. XD

So yup! And people actually asked to take my picture because they recognized me as Sheena! It felt good to know that there were still fans of ToS nearby in other towns. It was really a neat experience to cosplay for the first time.

At the anime con I watched some anime, too. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and some Loveless. I like both of those series a lot, considering I've watched Loveless before and I'm reading the manga now. Although they were showing it at 6:30 am, so my sis and I had to get up a little early. I was a little disappointed because in the book it said that Loveless would be dubbed, but it was really subbed! And the big reason why we woke up so early was because we thought it would be dubbed in English! So I was a little sad, but I liked watching it again anyway.

Well anyway, enough about Loveless, lol. Even though it is a good anime. I bought a lot of awesome stuff.

First I bought Kisuke Urahara from Bleach's hat, a Lucky Star/Miku Hatsune figurine, a miniature Tear statue (of course) and a Final Fantasy VII poster of Cloud and Kadaj! It's freakin awesoooome!

*ahem* Also I learned to NEVER again walk up 26 flights of stairs to get to your hotel room just because you didn't want to wait for the elevator. Remember, no matter HOW many people are also waiting, NEVER EVER take on more than 20 fights of stairs. It's killer. Unless you're like a freakish athlete or very fit, which I'm neither. XD So needless to say my legs were preeety sore.

Although it was funny because my sis and I reenacted a part in ToS when Zelos and Sheena are being sucked into a dark whole in Dheris Karlahn, and Lloyd's like, "Don't give up!" And everything, I was like, "No, sis, just go without me! Save yourself!" Sis: "No, I won't leave you! You can make it!" "No, I can't go on! Just let the darkness swallow me up and end it all! Aghh the pain!!" Sis: "C'mon, I'm not gonna be your friggin Lloyd but I'll be your Zelos!" LOL it was funny... luckily no one else was in the stair well at the time, although that would have made it even funnier! haha

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! I saw... get ready for this... GREG AYERS!! He's one my most fave voice actors EVAR!! And I was less than 5 feet away from him for like an hour... it was great! He also DJed at the dance party, which I went to. It was AWESOME!! I also learned that Greg Ayers is CRAZY!! He had purple hair! And he was freakin AWESOMME!!! *keels over and faints from overload fangirlism*

Also there were other voice actors there, like Wendy Powell (who plays Envy from FMA!) and Eric Vale and Chris Ayers and some others. They were all really cool too. I loved Whendy's laugh, it was so funny. I couldn't help but laugh when she did too. XD

Overall the anime convention was amazing! With a van packed with eight people, and a three hour ride home, we had extra luggage and we were very tightly packed. But that didn't matter cause it was worth it!! I hope that everyone else will get to go to an anime convention sometime if you have not before, because they are loads of fun! You like practically run on anime, like air! Or oxygen! There's no such thing as exhaustion at anime cons, lol! (especially when you're hyped up on caffeine that you hadn't had in FOREVER!) LOL


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Post! :D
Wow how much I've missed myOtaku! Otaku forever! lol

Anyway, so far it's been pretty good since my last post. I thank Lumi-chan and Emeraldsky for your comments! They are appreciated as always. To be honest I wasn't even expecting any! ^//^ So thank you! :)

Well me and my sis just finished an anime series called Big Wind Up. Yup, the one about baseball. And to my surprise, it was REALLY good! And so funny too! Very entertaining even though half the time I didn't know what they were talking about during the games! lol

My fav characters are Abe, Tajima, Mihoshi, and Hanai. Because they're all so funny! Oh and so is Sakaguchi!

But now I need to start watching the new FMA: Brotherhood series! Then I need to convince my sister that she should watch Ouran High School Host Club, cuz it's hilarious and I think she'd like it too if she gave it a chance!

Then after FMA I should watch the Tales of Symphonia animations, and THEN after that, I need to finish xxxHolic and Bleach again. Maybe read some of the Bleach manga. Don't know yet! So much to do, so little time to do it in. ^^

On top of all that I need to keep up with my grades at school so that I can be sure I'll graduate! Which at this rate I know I will! No problem. The thing now I have to worry about is to get my driver's license most importantly, and find a job for the summer so I can earn some money for college! Yah!!

*lets out deep breath*

So busy... jeez. I wish life would slow down just s little bit. OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! (I seriously think I have short-term memory loss or something! I forget everything so easily!) We had a snow day today! And we possibly won't have school tomorrow, but I'm sure we will, unless everything freezes over because of the small rain we had. That would be great except for the making up the days part, lol.

We actually got lucky because the day of the anime con (the 19th) is the same day as state wrestling, and there's NO WAY they're going to make up snow days then, so we have a free day to get ready for it! ^___^

Wow I notice I've been pretty happy all considering. Now if only I had my driver's license... I just need to be more confident and not freak out every time I try... I'm going to try this theory on when you look at something familiar, you can train your body to relax just by looking at it. Maybe that will help?

Ugh, my mom made chili for supper. If I had a least favorite food or meal, it would be chili. Blech! So I made myself some ramen instead! :) Yay for instant ramen!! :D

Well if we DO have school tomorrow I need to remember to finish that science packet... I only had like a half page left. So I was planning on doing it in first period, cause I have science third period and in first period we hardly EVER do anything! It's an Agriculture class, so go figure... XD

Crap it's already 8:00?! I guess I should be going now! Have to get ready for the week to start sometime, I guess!


ttyl! Razi-chan out.


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

January, 2010!! :D
Wow, it's finally 2010! And I haven't posted here for a long time. I'll probably just post here when I feel like it, since I'm not making a blog world on The Otaku, lol.

Well this year has been pretty busy for me. At least it's kept me occupied.

I'll be graduating from high school this year, so I'm really busy, as you can probably tell. Well I've accomplished quite a bit on TheO, I think. I've finally gotten to make wallpapers, and I've submitted a lot of fan art. :)

Hm... Since I joined the club The Lovely Ladies of TheOtaku I should post here more, lol.

I can't believe it's finally 2010! lol wow

Well this year I've been on Proboards a lot too, great site/forums. I role play on one for Haruhi Suzumiya, if you're interested. :)

I'm so excited for next month, because then I'll be going to the anime convention in my area~!!! I'm SO pumped!! I'm going to go with some friends and family, and I'm going to cosplay this time! I'll be going as Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia! I totally would have been Tear, but her costume would have been too hard to make, lol. ^^"

We're actually staying longer this time, too. I want to buy more stuff! I only bought a Tear figurine last time. This time I'm going to buy a Sheena and Miku Hatsune figurine, a Tales of the Abyss poster, some other stuff maybe, and a key chain! Can't wait~! I'll probably have pictures, too, maybe~

Well that's all for now. :) Ttyl~


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Monday, January 12, 2009

   Long time no post....
Hello! Jeez, it's been a while since I last posted. Well on New Years Day my family and I went to Oklahoma for four days to see my uncle. He had got his house built the last time we went, so we got to stay with him. And he had a computer, so I was just happy as could be (so then I could check the Otaku). Otherwise I would've probably felt deprived.

Anyway, we visited our grandparents who are also building a house in Oklahoma. It was all great, but my grandma is a bit of a crazy controlling, planning type of person. Every time we visit them, she has an entire schedule already planned out! You know how when you're on vacation, you just want to relax and go with the flow? Well, not happening with grandma. But... it was really nice to see them again. ^^ At least we got Christmas presents from them too. A charm for a bracelet, and a check for $30. ^^ Woo! (No I'm not so broke anymore).

On Thursday I have something called an IEP meeting at school. My case manager just gets my parents and some other teachers to talk about what I'll do after I graduate. For the past four years I've told her I wanted to be an author, artist, or movie producer. Basically I need a fine arts or a graphic arts degree. So I don't know what to do...

So out of piled on secret frustration, I finally just straight out told my case manager that I wanted to draw anime. She had heard of it before (from me, obviously) and agreed and wrote it down. So I felt more clear about that; I told her that it was my dream, so I hope that will mean something. If I want to get what I want, I'll have to tell people. That's what I've learned.

Okay... quite a bit has happened over the past few weeks. A little too much for one post, anyhow. Like on Friday last week, my nose just randomly decided to bleed in English. It was weird because someone else had a nosebleed the day before. Don't even know why.

In Graphic Arts I hate what we're doing. We have to reproduce a sports book (kind of like a year book) for the school that I don't even go to originally just because the company they had before won't do it for free anymore! Ugh. It's so much work. Typing, scanning for pictures which I have no idea to get onto the spread, and I just really don't know what I'm doing. Which makes me think I probably shouldn't be a graphic artist... It just doesn't seem all that fun.

So that's what I felt like typing today. I just decided to for some reason, just hanging out.

Other than that, have am awesome day guys!

Razi-chan over and out. For now. :]

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

   Snow Day!
Yes! My school got out early today at 12:25! The best thing is that we don't have to make it up, and Christmas break starts on Tuesday! The only bad thing is that we have quarter finals, so that means I have to study...

Anyway, I just wanted to post to let you all know what's going on, which isn't really much.

Hm... I might start watching Kiddy Grade. It interests me. I tried to look for Kaze no Stigma on youtube, but they didn't have any subtitles. And I think they have Kiddy Grade in English. So that's good. I won't have to miss out of anything while reading subtitles for once. ^^

Yesterday one of my friends told me they accidentally swallowed a quarter! She was being herself-aka weird-and someone made her laugh while it was in her mouth and it went down her throat. The person next to me said that now her stomach was a quarter richer! Lol...

Other news... I turned in part of a big project early in History class, so I'll get extra credit and hopefully boost my grade up to a B. I never get any grade higher than a C+ in history... I don't know why. I do good on all my homework, but it's those tests that kill me. *sighs* I hate tests. If it weren't for them, I could have all A's in my classes! *swears at tests*

Ahem... I haven't had Graphic Arts for two days now, so I won't be able to send in a new wallpaper before the holidays, so sorry about that... I need more practice on those. I still don't know how to take a pic and subtract the white area from it so I can vector it and all.

Today in English class was when they announced school would get out early. It was funny. Once it was announced, everyone in there was like WhooO! Psyched. And in study hall, I was waiting to be dismissed to lunch early too, and every time a bell rang, I'd jump up but it'd be the wrong bell! And my teacher laughed at me... But that's okay, I just wanted to go to lunch, you know?

Other new on the Otaku... I thought it was sad that the voice actor who played Meowth on Pokemon died! She was the only one who could say "Meowth, that's right!" *is sad*

*cheers up* Something else, I'm starting a new manga series called "Shadows of the Heart". It's about this girl who can't walk in the light because she's from a certain world where they all have this disease that won't let them. But then she is forced to go to Earth and is very vulnerable because of the 20 some hours of light everyday. Everything is bad until she meets a boy who saves her from people who want to take her to a hospital, but she knew it'd probably kill her and it goes all down hill from there. *exhales deep breath* Phew. Well that's what I've got so far anyhow. I have a theme song for it and everything on my Manga Editors Club world. So go check it out and comment please!

Now that's all I can think of posting about right now... So, later all Otaku people who are reading this!

Take care and be careful out there!

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