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Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Post! :D
Wow how much I've missed myOtaku! Otaku forever! lol

Anyway, so far it's been pretty good since my last post. I thank Lumi-chan and Emeraldsky for your comments! They are appreciated as always. To be honest I wasn't even expecting any! ^//^ So thank you! :)

Well me and my sis just finished an anime series called Big Wind Up. Yup, the one about baseball. And to my surprise, it was REALLY good! And so funny too! Very entertaining even though half the time I didn't know what they were talking about during the games! lol

My fav characters are Abe, Tajima, Mihoshi, and Hanai. Because they're all so funny! Oh and so is Sakaguchi!

But now I need to start watching the new FMA: Brotherhood series! Then I need to convince my sister that she should watch Ouran High School Host Club, cuz it's hilarious and I think she'd like it too if she gave it a chance!

Then after FMA I should watch the Tales of Symphonia animations, and THEN after that, I need to finish xxxHolic and Bleach again. Maybe read some of the Bleach manga. Don't know yet! So much to do, so little time to do it in. ^^

On top of all that I need to keep up with my grades at school so that I can be sure I'll graduate! Which at this rate I know I will! No problem. The thing now I have to worry about is to get my driver's license most importantly, and find a job for the summer so I can earn some money for college! Yah!!

*lets out deep breath*

So busy... jeez. I wish life would slow down just s little bit. OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! (I seriously think I have short-term memory loss or something! I forget everything so easily!) We had a snow day today! And we possibly won't have school tomorrow, but I'm sure we will, unless everything freezes over because of the small rain we had. That would be great except for the making up the days part, lol.

We actually got lucky because the day of the anime con (the 19th) is the same day as state wrestling, and there's NO WAY they're going to make up snow days then, so we have a free day to get ready for it! ^___^

Wow I notice I've been pretty happy all considering. Now if only I had my driver's license... I just need to be more confident and not freak out every time I try... I'm going to try this theory on when you look at something familiar, you can train your body to relax just by looking at it. Maybe that will help?

Ugh, my mom made chili for supper. If I had a least favorite food or meal, it would be chili. Blech! So I made myself some ramen instead! :) Yay for instant ramen!! :D

Well if we DO have school tomorrow I need to remember to finish that science packet... I only had like a half page left. So I was planning on doing it in first period, cause I have science third period and in first period we hardly EVER do anything! It's an Agriculture class, so go figure... XD

Crap it's already 8:00?! I guess I should be going now! Have to get ready for the week to start sometime, I guess!


ttyl! Razi-chan out.


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