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Monday, February 22, 2010

February Post #1!
Guess whaaaaat?! I'm back from the anime convention! It was SO much fun and totally worth it!

We stayed there all weekend (Friday 19, Sat. 20) and part of today (Sunday 21)!

I cosplayed as Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia, my fave female character from ToS. I know you're probably thinking I should have cosplayed as Tear, but hey, her costume would have been hard to make and would have taken more time (which we ended up having not much of) to make it, and I didn't have enough money to buy one. XD

So yup! And people actually asked to take my picture because they recognized me as Sheena! It felt good to know that there were still fans of ToS nearby in other towns. It was really a neat experience to cosplay for the first time.

At the anime con I watched some anime, too. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad and some Loveless. I like both of those series a lot, considering I've watched Loveless before and I'm reading the manga now. Although they were showing it at 6:30 am, so my sis and I had to get up a little early. I was a little disappointed because in the book it said that Loveless would be dubbed, but it was really subbed! And the big reason why we woke up so early was because we thought it would be dubbed in English! So I was a little sad, but I liked watching it again anyway.

Well anyway, enough about Loveless, lol. Even though it is a good anime. I bought a lot of awesome stuff.

First I bought Kisuke Urahara from Bleach's hat, a Lucky Star/Miku Hatsune figurine, a miniature Tear statue (of course) and a Final Fantasy VII poster of Cloud and Kadaj! It's freakin awesoooome!

*ahem* Also I learned to NEVER again walk up 26 flights of stairs to get to your hotel room just because you didn't want to wait for the elevator. Remember, no matter HOW many people are also waiting, NEVER EVER take on more than 20 fights of stairs. It's killer. Unless you're like a freakish athlete or very fit, which I'm neither. XD So needless to say my legs were preeety sore.

Although it was funny because my sis and I reenacted a part in ToS when Zelos and Sheena are being sucked into a dark whole in Dheris Karlahn, and Lloyd's like, "Don't give up!" And everything, I was like, "No, sis, just go without me! Save yourself!" Sis: "No, I won't leave you! You can make it!" "No, I can't go on! Just let the darkness swallow me up and end it all! Aghh the pain!!" Sis: "C'mon, I'm not gonna be your friggin Lloyd but I'll be your Zelos!" LOL it was funny... luckily no one else was in the stair well at the time, although that would have made it even funnier! haha

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! I saw... get ready for this... GREG AYERS!! He's one my most fave voice actors EVAR!! And I was less than 5 feet away from him for like an hour... it was great! He also DJed at the dance party, which I went to. It was AWESOME!! I also learned that Greg Ayers is CRAZY!! He had purple hair! And he was freakin AWESOMME!!! *keels over and faints from overload fangirlism*

Also there were other voice actors there, like Wendy Powell (who plays Envy from FMA!) and Eric Vale and Chris Ayers and some others. They were all really cool too. I loved Whendy's laugh, it was so funny. I couldn't help but laugh when she did too. XD

Overall the anime convention was amazing! With a van packed with eight people, and a three hour ride home, we had extra luggage and we were very tightly packed. But that didn't matter cause it was worth it!! I hope that everyone else will get to go to an anime convention sometime if you have not before, because they are loads of fun! You like practically run on anime, like air! Or oxygen! There's no such thing as exhaustion at anime cons, lol! (especially when you're hyped up on caffeine that you hadn't had in FOREVER!) LOL


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