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It's the introduction of Dragonball.
Haven't been here for a while and because of that my site will be under construction for a while.Also here you will learn lot's of cartoon/anime information.If you need anything my e-mail is waffles11@hotmail.com .I spend so much time on this thing so if you sign up it will be apreciated thank you.If you really like dbz go to www.secretsaiyan.com that place is cool or just go to www.cade.com you can find anything you want there.Or also the coolest www.gpetz.com,okay.One last thing my site doesn't have a lot of writing but it will be done soon.

Saturday, October 2, 2004

   Help Please

Click to get details of the NarutoLocationChecker
What is this? [+] Created by 3.99 Anime Shop and NarutoFever

Cool look at this thing.Boucy weeee! Anyways please sign my G-Book.

Ok here I will post my ranking and it is.
Total Visits:7361
Popularity Ranking:#61
And 305 Guestbook Signitures.
Too bad i went down 10 ranks I used to be 31

I need help help can anyone tell me how to make a javascript code.I am currently trying to use the no-right click code.

Please I need help if any of you know the code to stop people from right-clicking please e-mail me( waffles11@hotmail.com ) or leave a messege.
I now know the code but it says to put it under the head of html in my page i need help e-mail me( waffles11@hotmail.com) or leave a messege .Please respond!
E-mail me below.
Email Me

Look at him slasing at something.

Him too.

He's falling... a lot.

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Friday, October 1, 2004

   Some Animation
Sumit stinks and my chao can beat him up!

I hope you see the snowflakes that are falling!

Look he's broken haha loser.

Hope he dies.

Walking lalalalala..

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Poll crazy so help me.
Please vote for it i need to know what the fans like.Leave a comment and tell me which one you want if you chose other.

Anime chooser

Which one of these is your favorite anime?

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Come on d.j. keep up the good work.You know he helped me with the Holiday Inn music that's playing now,Why do you think he's working?

Look at the blinkies.

.Hack/sign is cool and I will finish this up later.

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Sunday, January 4, 2004

Anime Land
There are some pictures you will enjoy expecially of dbz so tell the dbz fans to come right over.Also did you know that there are 2 dragonballs after gt?They are dragonball af (for after future) and dragonball bl.Also there are millions of diferent gundams movies that you should watch.Well my life is pretty simple I am from Brazil but now I'm in U.S. I just don't like the bills in brazil they're much cheaper and me and my friends go bike-ridind often.We usually ride our bikes for at least 3 miles .Also I have a Gamecube and a PS2.School is pretty lame and for some dam reason we have assingned seats....in our lunch room!So anyways hope you enjoy my site and enjoy Otaku.

Click here to stop or play the music. This one is Holiday Inn

And this is the Rurouni Kenshin song which I think is pretty funny.

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