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Saturday, January 3, 2004

My own story Rurouni Kenshin Final Battle
Once in the peaceful village of Tokyo something unbelievable happened most of the city was destroyed the only people that survived were Kenshin and 15 others.Kenshin went around asking people about what happened but most of them werevery injured.Once he got to the las person he asked "Do you know what happened?" the villager answered "yes i don't know what it (cough)was but it was a man heading west.

So now Kenshin headed west to find where it was going or what it's after.Again he found a village destroyed but this time it was less destroyed.He asked the closest person he found and said "Do you know anything about this?" "No" answered the villager.Just then another villager came up and said "i know he's after the Tetsaiga the legendary sword his name is Naraku he left one of his minions at the end of our village so noone could get out" just then the villager fell down on the ground and died.

"i will kill this minion and then proceed to Naraku where did he head?" he asked a villager "North i think" he answered."Okay next his minion" Kenshin said.When Kenshin finally got there he saw Naraku's minion it was this 6 feet tall blue dragon with green eyes."Let's begin"said Kenshin he ran at his godlike speed and used batu-jutsen and slashed the blue drgon so badly but that wasn't enough he opened his mouth and he used a ice breath.The breath froze Kenshin's legs so he couldn't move the drgon was coming to destroy him but Kenshin did his final atack at god-like speed and the dragon got cut in half."Now i will head north the tetsaiga is probaly there"said Kenshin.

Kenshin walked but found nothing "Is this the wrong way" he said.Just then he saw a giant ruin and he went inside he saw this man with long black hai "Are you Naraku?"."Yes" he answered "And now that i have the Tetsaiga i'm invincible"Let's just see about that". they started slashing like crazy but Kenshin was losing and after that Naraku send out some bugs but Kenshin slashed them all before they did anything."Is that all you got" said Kenshin "Bring it on" said Naraku Naraku did an atack so strong and fast it actually broke Kenshin's sword.Kenshin ran and he found a saber he picked it up and felt powerful,with one slash the wind broke the Tetsaiga and killed Naraku "NOOO I WLL GET REVENGE"yelled Naraku.That's how Kenshin saved the day.


P.S. This happened when Kenshin was still the legendary Man Slayer.

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Scratching time.

Look at the little people.

I hope he eats them.

human Inuyasha is still cool.

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Friday, January 2, 2004

Please Sign Up
Hello people here please sign up later for me okay.Tell me if any of you live in boilling brook cause that's where i live.Tell me your real name and i'll probaly know who you are also tell me your e-mail so i can contact you.Also don't forget to write comments.My last post has the best music enjoy.

Hello I hope you enjoy my site and be free to ask me anything.Sign my friend Matee and Raqibs place their otaku name is aznkookoohead95 and rahim.Don't forget to sign my g-book and leave comments ka-me-ha-me-haa."take that Bebi".
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