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Saturday, October 2, 2004

   Help Please
Click to get details of the NarutoLocationChecker
What is this? [+] Created by 3.99 Anime Shop and NarutoFever

Cool look at this thing.Boucy weeee! Anyways please sign my G-Book.

Ok here I will post my ranking and it is.
Total Visits:7361
Popularity Ranking:#61
And 305 Guestbook Signitures.
Too bad i went down 10 ranks I used to be 31

I need help help can anyone tell me how to make a javascript code.I am currently trying to use the no-right click code.

Please I need help if any of you know the code to stop people from right-clicking please e-mail me( waffles11@hotmail.com ) or leave a messege.
I now know the code but it says to put it under the head of html in my page i need help e-mail me( waffles11@hotmail.com) or leave a messege .Please respond!
E-mail me below.
Email Me

Look at him slasing at something.

Him too.

He's falling... a lot.

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