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Saturday, July 2, 2005


I be free... I've been free for... about a week or so, but I've been quite busy still, so now I am officially freeing myself (even though Summer'll be busy, but what he heck. ^_^

P.S - Allah, Dub Sanji is a gangsta! O_o;

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Monday, May 30, 2005

   :beats self over head with a mallet:

The reason for this being that I am in the middle of some BIGASS exams at the moment, but I will try to come see everyone when the opportunity arises... ,u.u, :feels lonely, then realises how neglectful she's been to everyone else and proceeds to hit self:

Secondly OMFGBBQ! I sam such a spaz. I am in love with with Obi-Wan from Star Wars now and am on an obsessive spree (there were just too many hints of the yaoi kind in Episode III)

I'll try and speak to you all soon, 'kay? :whimpers for forgiveness:

Ja ne!

P.S - what everyone said about how crap the dub One Piece is? Totally true. (Though I am bearing the pain so I can see Sanji at least, though his dub voice/cigarette-turned-lollipop will probably kill me.)

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   Set Sail for... One Piece!
Wow... One Piece has started! Even though we've only had 2 episodes so far, I can honestly say that... well... I'm surprised! I thought it would be... I dunno... different... :shrugs: Oh well, we shall see if it gets interesting... (SANJI! I WANT SANJI!!! And his lollipop... -_-; )

Anyhoos, I changed my avvie (AGAIN! I'm such a work-procrastinator!) Y'all like it?! ^____^ One of my first screencaps made that base! :is proud:

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   ^_^ Fuuun...
Went out with Kii-chan and Ket-Ket-chan yesterday... (DBZHobbit and Ketsi, respectively) and we had such fun! :glomps them both:

I got Yami No Matsuei Volume 3, the Yu-Gi-Oh Movie Soundtrack (I know it's quite old now, but.. hey... why not?! XD) and a tee shirt with that cute little cat from Trigun on it! (I forget it's name...)

We then went to Kii's house, but I had a Dr Pepper on the way, so was... a little hyper, to say the least... ^^; Kii and I were doing renditions of WWE theme songs and other songs in the middle of our 'drunken' ramblings, whilst Ketsi was standing there acting like she didn't know us. Not fooling anyone, Ket-chan. ^_~

Antone else had a good day? Had any fun, hyper experiences recently? ^__^

Love and peace, ma peeps


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Friday, April 1, 2005


Happy Birthday Kii-chan!!!!!!

Everyone go wish DBZHobbit a very very Happy Birthday! :gives cookies to those who do:

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

>_< Ugh, needles.
I got an MMR top up jab today.. gah! >_< I bled because the stupid nurse didn't warn me she was doing it, so I was tensed up! ,u.u,

Has anyone else had a bad experience either with needles or, worse, a nurse with a needle?! XD

:sighs: I miss Ketsi (she's away on holiday). At least she'll be back on Friday in time for DBZHobbit's birthday! Happy Birthday hun!! :glomps:


Oh! On a side note - I now have had 300 visits! Yay! :holds up banner: I'd like to thank Heruchigu for my 300th visit, and for signing my guestbook at the same time! :hugs: Thank you!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   :shocked silence:

Oh My God...

I have just read the manga 'Boys Next Door', and it is one of the sweetest, saddest and most morbid things I have ever seen! I loved it! Has anyone read it? (I think you have, haven't you Raven?) I love Lawr... he is so sweet!

But... dear lordy, it was so sad... I was just about ready to cry at the end! ,u.u, (I actually did, but the fact that I'm sitting here alone at half two in the morning reading manga is quite a pathetic sounding image... ^^; )

Gosh darnit...

Has anyone read any awe-inspiring manga recently that I could check out? I have a new obsession with the Yami No Matsuei manga, lord Tsuzuki is lovely... ^^;


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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ah my dears, today is my last, I repeat VERY LAST day in school uniform. Ever. It's momentous, and.. surprisingly sad... I'm going to miss the old thing....

Loads of people signed my shirt and doodled on it and junk - it was great. ^_^ We spent the whole of Spanish listening to a video (not watching, listening) and doodling on our shirts. XD

Has anyone else had that? Did you get shirts signed? Did you feel weirdly sad? O_o? Am I the only weird sad person?! ^^;


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Monday, March 14, 2005

   Hallo. ^^;
Hiya everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you all (yet again... ^^;; ) but this is a very busy year for me (Ketsi and DBZHobbit, you understand), and I haven't had much time for an update (and I WILL get that picture for you, Raven... ^^; ).

I'm actually very excited at the moment, 'cause I've just seen the advert for One Piece, so it's coming over here, and we're finally getting a new anime! (Let's hope they take Duel Masters off for it...) Has anyone seen it? I've only read a few chapter of the manga... is it good? From what I've seen, I like Sanji a lot.. ^^;

Speakies to y'all soon! :is now being dragged to the car to go to school:


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Friday, March 4, 2005

Gosh darn it, it's been almost a month since I've posted! :is in shock: I'm sorry peoples, and I'm osrry if I've missed commented on anything, but I've been so busy with coursework lately (As Kii can attest to, ne?) that I just haven't had much time to post or see your stuffs.... :cries:

Gosh, you were all so nice to me on my birthday, and I forgot to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day, so i shall wish you all a belated Valentines, and a Happy White Day (when it comes up!)

OH! :is proud: I put up some greeting again too! Yays for me! :is now also happy:

Is anyone reading new manga/ watching a new anime that they've found interesting?

Oh, and by the way, Raven, I'll try and get a piccie of myself wearing the trench coat scanned in for you... ^_^


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