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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

>_< Ugh, needles.
I got an MMR top up jab today.. gah! >_< I bled because the stupid nurse didn't warn me she was doing it, so I was tensed up! ,u.u,

Has anyone else had a bad experience either with needles or, worse, a nurse with a needle?! XD

:sighs: I miss Ketsi (she's away on holiday). At least she'll be back on Friday in time for DBZHobbit's birthday! Happy Birthday hun!! :glomps:


Oh! On a side note - I now have had 300 visits! Yay! :holds up banner: I'd like to thank Heruchigu for my 300th visit, and for signing my guestbook at the same time! :hugs: Thank you!

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