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Monday, February 14, 2005

   Happy Birthday to me! (Yeshterday... ^^; )
T'was officially my birthday yesterday! Yay! I ish so happy! I am now a fully fledged 16 year old! Woo Hoo! ^_^

I got some great presents though! DBZHobbit got me a Miroku plushie (Yay!) and Tokyo Babylon volume 1 (cheers for yaoi-ness!), Ketsi got me a gorgeous hot chocolate mug with chocolates inside (Yay! Chocola~ate....!) and my Sis got me the Green Day album! w00t!
BUT!!!! OMFGBBQ! MY PARENTS GOT ME A GORGEOUS BLACK TRENCH COAT! IT'S LONG AN GOES DOWN TO MY ANKLES (an amazing accomplishment - I am very tall for my age) AND IT'S SO PRETTY!!! :squeals:

But I had a great B'day! I had DBZHobbit over (and she's staying over for, like, half the week!) and she, my Mum, Dad, Sister and I had a picnic in our lounge and watched films! I MUST recommend:

a) Drop Dead Fred
b) The Butterfly Effect
c) The Secret Window.

They are ALL amazing films! XD Yay! :non-stop cheering: Oh, happy day (yesterday) ^___^

Anyways, I'll see you around... :is sheepish at her excitement levels: since I should probably go to bed since I haven't slept in... oooh... around 24 hours... ^^;;;

Anyone else got a birthday coming up?

Speakies soon!


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Monday, February 7, 2005

This weekend has been so hectic! :is crying almost:

First of all, I went to the cinema on Friday evening, which was nice, but I had Maths coursework to do, and I'd really wanted to get ahead of it since it was in today... The cinema was great and relaxing, but still.... aiyah....

Then, on Saturday, spent the whole day in Manchester (a REALLY big city near us) shopping with my Mum for a present for Ketsi (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and buying a present for my birthday, since it's my birthday on Sunday, and Mum really wanted to get me a trench coat the right size (my Mum rocks!), so was out shopping basically from 10am until 4pm (a big shop... u.u;;; )

Then, yesterday, spent the WHOLE day doing Maths coursework, and was supposed to do a Chemistry past paper and some Biology (both for today also) but I didn't have time, since I had a Rammstein concert and had to leave home at 6pm... :sighs: It was great, but I didn't get to bed until 1am and had to wake up for school at 5am... U.U;

AND, to top it all off, I did my Chemistry past paper questions and Biology homework for today, found out we could do some of the Biology in the lesson, and that the Chemistry past paper WASN'T IN UNTIL AFTER THE HOLIDAYS! ARGH!! SO annoyed....

Oh well, I'll speak to you soon ma peeps - how was your weekend?! ^_^

Lovies, your RachiexXx

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

   I did promise...
I promised that, for all SetoJou fans, I'd put up the link to my dear Kerurie's amzing ficlet, Sadame, and (finally! I'm such a procrastinator!) here it is:


Everyone MUST go read it if they like yaoi with those two - it's so good! I'm so proud of her! :grins and huggles Kerurie: Good luck with the rest of it, hun!
(Remember to review, y'all!)


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Sunday, January 30, 2005

OMG! I'm so happy! I just watched Princess Monoke, and it was so cute! Ashitaka is so my fave.... (I'm probably really sad in saying that... ^^; ) But he was so sweet... and I suppose San is ok too, but I loved the woman and her husband in Iron town... They were just too hilarious - I loved the total girl power in the film, it really got me hyped at how strong the women were made to be... XD

And OMFGBBQ, the little spirits in the forest, they were just so... darling! After seeing your greeting, Ketsi, I kept squealing everytime I saw them! Ben was so laughing at me and my hyper-ness... ^^;;;

Should have probably asked this at the beginning, but how many of you have seen Princess Monoke? What do you like about it if you have, and if not, would you like to see it?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   Squee! I'm so happy!
OMFGBBQ! I beta-ed someone's ficcie for the first time! Kerurie - you rul! Your story rules as well, dude... I had a great time beta-ing it! (I hope my comments were useful! ^^;)

But it was such a great first chappie to a fanfic, and I also got one of the little connection things that people hardly ever get! I'm so proud! :blushes:

To all of you who like SetoxJou fanfics, I'm going to be directing you all to her ficcie once she has posted it and sends me the URL - I'll promise you a good read! ^_^

I'd better go now - I have a Chemistry test to finish.. ^^;

Good luck with the story Kerurie!


P.S Do a lot of you actually like SetoxJou (YGO...) or do you like some other pairings? Dop some of you not like YGO Yaoi pairings? (I know that Ren-kun, you don't like Yaoi...^^;)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Heya! It's... too early to be in school, and I'm bored, so I thought I'd post to you all! :smiles:

How are you all doing?! Anything interesting or major happening?!

^_^ The only thing happening for me right now is that we've got Maths coursework (which sucks >_<) and I've not done my French for today... but I have a valid reason for once! ^_^ I gave in my sheet with the questions we had to do on it.. ^^;; I'm such an idiot...

Just a little random qn I thought I'd ask - Does January have any special meaning for any of you (other than being the New Year/s)? If not, which month means the most to you and why? (Don't ask why this popped into my head... I've been up way too long now...)


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Monday, January 17, 2005

   Random quizzes I did...
How is everyone? Y'all doing okies? ^_^ Hope there's nothing bad happening in your life right now, if there is (or someone's just pissing you off), feel free to rant in the comment.. ^^;; That's what we're here for....

You're RAINY !!You are pretty laid back and doesn't
really show your emotions, but you are very
protective over your friends. You tends to care
for them without them noticing it. You are very
caring though and you tends to keep your
feelings to yourself. It's okey to express it
once in a while you know? You're a daydreamer
and is very creative. You are a funny person
and is comfortable to ba around you.

Which weather do you represent?(w.anime pic results)
brought to you by Quizilla

(I absolutely love the piccie from this quiz! LOVE IT! It's so purty!)

You scored as Action. Congratulations Arnold, if terrorists ever try to take over a government building youíre the man\woman to talk to. Dangerís your middle name, or at least you wish it was instead of Milton or Ethyl or whatever it really is. No matter what the situation, youíre ready with a good one liner and a complete disregard for the cost of the damages your one man\woman crusade against evil causes.



Epic Fantasy




Romantic Comedy


Bad movie


Epic Drama


What type of movie are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

(You..... don't want to know why I did this. Lets just peg it up to insanity and boredom, eh? :is loving Die Hard right now: )

Magic cat
-Magical-Though you are mostly only human, you can
change into a cat when there is trouble to be
solved. you are clever but depend on your
friends and your magic to get you through not
your cat self. But you always try your best.

What anime catgirl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

( :Is hoping to God right now that she NEVER, EVER looks like that....: )

Hee hee, give them a go, see what you get! Let me know if yours turns out somehow worse than mine! O_o


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Saturday, January 15, 2005

I got 200 visits! Wahoo! I'd like to thank ReiNGE for being the 200th person to come to my little haven of insanity! Yay! :waves banner and throws confetti, thus killing all the surrounding pigeons: (O_o Pigeons inside?!)
Anyways, I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful people who have come to my site and visited me, whether you signed my guetbook or not, I thank you for spending a little of your lifetime here ^_^

On a side note, has anyone seen the Live Action film version of Fist Of The North Star? I'm not a FOTNS fan, but I saw that the film was on and decided to watch it! It was so.... eww! Very gross! Heads exploding and.. >_< My Dad came in at a gross part and freaked out XD

Anyways, speak to you all soon, and again, thankies mucho!

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

   Random post
Hee hee, Happy New Year! I'm so lazy not to have posted that before now.... ^^;;

How's everyone been? Anyone got any New Year's Resolutions? Anyone gonna actually attempt to stick to them? ^_~

Does anyone here watch WWE or anything? (It makes me laugh, hee he!) Well, there's a payperview event on Sunday night that's getting me all excited, as my parents promised before Xmas that they'd pay for it for me as a belated Xmas prezzie! Yay! (Realises how sad she is)

:sighs: Oh well, maybe I'm one of the only ones... Anyways! I got the seconf Fruits Basket DVD, and MOMIJI! MY DEAR DARLING KAWAII LITTLE MOMIJI WHO LOOKS LIKE QUATRE AND TOHMA, BUT YOUNGER AND MORE KAWAII!!! :squeals: I'd been waiting to see him, and as soon as I did, i screamd. Seriously. Dad told me to calm down. Repeatedly. ^^; Anyone else a Fruits Basket fan? Who do you like? (I know your answer Kirst -_-;;)

^^ Oh well, better wrap it up here before I bore y'all to death! Here's a quiz I did tho'... (I bet nearly everyone's done it by now..)

How to make a Rachie

1 part jealousy

3 parts courage

3 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Top it off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

XD Hee hee, it's so very coolies...

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Merry Xmas!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas... Did you all? Did you all get what you wanted? I had a great one, my parents got me Manga and anime stuffs, like they got me a Fruits Basket DVD and Naruto manga and I got 'Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth' finally! I've been wanting that for ages! :Loves parents: What was the best/biggest present you all got?
I know this Xmas wish is a bit late, but with it being Xmas, times are quite busy, you know, and one doesn't have much time to post.... ^_~
Hope you all have great holidays!

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