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Saturday, April 9, 2005

   ^_^ Fuuun...
Went out with Kii-chan and Ket-Ket-chan yesterday... (DBZHobbit and Ketsi, respectively) and we had such fun! :glomps them both:

I got Yami No Matsuei Volume 3, the Yu-Gi-Oh Movie Soundtrack (I know it's quite old now, but.. hey... why not?! XD) and a tee shirt with that cute little cat from Trigun on it! (I forget it's name...)

We then went to Kii's house, but I had a Dr Pepper on the way, so was... a little hyper, to say the least... ^^; Kii and I were doing renditions of WWE theme songs and other songs in the middle of our 'drunken' ramblings, whilst Ketsi was standing there acting like she didn't know us. Not fooling anyone, Ket-chan. ^_~

Antone else had a good day? Had any fun, hyper experiences recently? ^__^

Love and peace, ma peeps


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