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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


with anime and some RPG games do you like the English version of the songs more or the Japanese verison? I like the Japanese more...

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Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary Vol.8 is coming out next month on the 7th and I am so happy I really want the next volume even more since now Setsuna is in Alexiel's body in the Manga...
There is also 3 other good things coming out the 7th...D.N.Angel Vol. 8 which I also want because the ending sucked in the last volume...Saiyuki Vol. 8 and that I don't need cause I don't have any of the Saiyuki mangas...The last thing is an Arc the Lad game...and it sorta looks like its going to be a sequel to the last Arc the lad which would be awesome if it was...Well ya thats all the goo things coming out next month...To me at least, but again why does good things ALWAYS have to come out on tuesdays? lol just don't get it...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Web site

this site is awesome if u want 2 get music videos or songs from games...well just go 2 it and u'll c^__^

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He has a pony tail just kind of hard to tell

Gojyo looks cute with a pony tail 2^__^

No one has a pony tail i just like this pick

just another pic i like


yet another good pic

hehehe n there swimsuits

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What should be my new avatar?

Gojyo 1

Gojyo 2

Sanzo 1

Gojyo 3

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SANZO HAS A PONY TAIL!!! How cute lol...


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my sister bought this thing sorta like a MP3 player,but you can get music from the TV,Radio,Computer and anything else that has a head phone plug in The bad thing is that it only has 30 mins worth of music you can put on there,but its a lot better because you can get the music from FF or any other games with good music w/out trying to find the right cd...yup yup also anme music from like Inuyasha...I like it^__^If I had money I'd buy a lot of them and recored a lot of things
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Also do you say Soda or Pop?

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Monday, May 16, 2005


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Jet Li


Jackie Chan

If you haven't seen the movie Unleashed yet stop what your doing right now and go see it...It is an awesome movie...

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