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Friday, May 20, 2005


Do you think I post to many pictures?

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theres a HUGE ant n my room and every time i look at the wall i c it...i'm sure its the same 1 cuz its around the same area...ITS GOING TO KILL ME!!! HELP HELP!!!! *runs away screaming theres a killer ant after me*
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That's right I'm starting a war...A war against Lollie...That's right Lollie I'm coming for you and you can't hide because I know where you live I live where you live...Are you scared? Well you should be maybe this will teach you not to pick Vash over Sanzo...MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!I'm coming for you so watch your back...^__^

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ai Yori Aoshi...Tina

This chick is so ODD!!! Why is she always grabbing on chick's tits??? When someone asks her that in the anime she says its how she shows her love which make her even weirder...Do you agree? lol

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PONY TAIL!!!! lol isnt this picture awesome?

LESBIANS!!! I love Sanzo & Goku 2gether...

They really like to match don't they?

more Sanzo & Goku^__^

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Going to watch the last 3 discs of Saiyuki tonite*sniffles* I dont want it to be over...Well there is Saiyuki reload & Saiyuki Gaiden,but I can't find them for rent:( *CRIES*

This is an awesome picture...Dont you think so...

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Freddy coming for you...
Better lock the door...
Freddy crucifix...
Better stay up late...
Never sleep again...

(I was bored lol)

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Ok I know y'all probably HATE when I put huge pictures up which I knod of do too, but it's just all the good ones are huge...anyway I won't be putting anymore huge pictures up so ya
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My new diet...^__^

Yes thats right if you take my diet(I made it myself^__^) you too can look this good...After these people took my diet they never felt the same and you can feel as great as they do you just have to try my new diet...I know you probably don't believe me,but I guarntee it will work just as good for you that I'll send you your money back and a hundred dollars with it if it doesn't work for you...

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