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Hello people I hope you like my site if you havent been to my other site stop by it (FinalFantasyNut).

Hitomi is watching you so you better not piss her off or your going to get your ass kicked...

We must be as swift as the coursing river
With all the force of a great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon...

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"
hehehe i just like that saying

"Embrace nothing if you meet the Buddha kill the Buddha if you meet your father kill your father only live your life as it is not bond to anything"

Monday, January 22, 2007

I know this is not my Final Fantasy site, but I forgot the password to that one. So the poll is pick your favorite couple from each Final Fantasy I put from the couples I list then when I decide the poll is over I will start a new poll to see which couple people like the most out of the couples that won...
Final Fantasy VII & Dirge of Cerberus-
Cloud & Tifa
Yuffie & Vincent
Cloud & Yuffie
Cloud & Aeris (I hate Aeris)
Tifa & Barret
Yuffie & Cid
Aeris & Zach (I guess you don't see much of zach but oh well)
Vincent & Lucrecia
Vincent & Shelke
Tifa & Reno

Final Fantasy VIII-
Squall & Rinoa
Selphie & Irvine
Squall & Quistis
Squall & Selphie
Rinoa & Seifer
Rinoa & Irvine
Quistis & Zell
Quistis & Irvine
Selphie & Zell
Edea & Seifer

Final Fantasy X & X-2 -
Yuna & Tidus
Rikku & Gippal
Yuna & Auron
Yuna & Baralai (did I spell that right?)
Yuna & Gippal
Tidus & Rikku
Tidus & Lulu
Auron & Rikku
Lulu & Wakka
Paine & Nooj
Paine & Baralai

Final Fantasy XII-
Ashe & Vaan (I put my favorite couples first)
Penelo & Balthier
Ashe & Balthier
Ashe & Basch
Vaan & Penelo
Vaan & Fran
Fran & Balthier
Penelo & Larsa
Penelo & Basch

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Manga I Have
Angel Sanctuary Vol. 1, 5-17
Broken Angels Vol. 1 & 2
Ceres: Celestial Legend (Complete)
Chobits (Complete)
Cowboy Bebop (Complete)
D.N.Angel Vol. 1-11
Dazzle Vol. 1-4
Demon Diary (Complete)
Descendants of Darkness Vol. 1-4
Dragonball Z Vol. 1-6 , 10-14
Fruits Basket Vol. 1-10
Full Moon (Complete)
Fushigi Yugi Vol.1
Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden Vol. 1-4
GetBackers Vol. 1
Gravitation Vol. 1-11
Her Majesty's Dog Vol. 1-4
Inuyasha Vol. 1-4
Juvenile Orion Vol. 1
Kami Kaze Vol. 1 & 2
Kingdom Hearts (Complete)
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Vol. 1
Legal Drug Vol. 1-3
Love Hina Vol. 1-5
Loveless Vol. 1-3
Mansion Ikkoku Vol. 1
Marmalade Boy (Complete)
Ranma 1/2 Vol. 1 & 2
Saiyuki (Complete)
Scrapped Princess (Complete)
Snow Drop Vol. 1
The Demon Ororon (Complete)
Trigun Vol. 1 & 2
Wish (Complete)
X/1999 Vol. 1 & 2

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Yes Yes I know I don't update much, but its just because no one ever visits my site:(...Anyway I've really really been into manga recently and I know how hard it is to find release dates for it so if anyone needs release dates for any manga I will find them for you and if I can't I am sorry just write me a comment of which ones you need. A few I already have are the volumes 18,19, & 20(the last volume)of Angel Sanctuary. Volume 6 of Her Majesty's Dog. Only volume 16 of Fruits Basket sadly and a lot more so just write me a comment and I'll let you know I can usually find Anime too so if you need a release date for anime just tell me (like Fate/Stay Night)
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

New anime
Me and my sister have been renting random anime that we've never seen before, like Elfen Lied(good, Knight Hunters (ok), Nightwalker (good), & Spiral (bad), and we need more ideas so if anyone has any ideas oh and heres the list of anime we've already seen so that y'all don't suggest something we've already seen
3X3 Eyes
Ah! My Goddess
Ai Yori Aoshi
Angel Sanctuary
Blue Seed
Chrono Crusade
Cowboy Bebop
Decendants of Darkness
Elfen Lied
Full Moon
Fushigi Yugi
Knight Hunters
Marmalade Boy
Ranma 1/2
Scrapped Princess
Tenchi Muyo!
Vampire Princess Miyu
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolf's Rain

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Hot Older Guys

Scott Patterson (on Gilmore Girls)

Will Snow (on Lost world & Charmed)

and Johnny Depp of course

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Monday, October 2, 2006

I really like these pics BUT I can't find them bigger...

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Shows I've gotten addicted to over the years(not anime)
Dawson's Creek
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Law & Order SVU (Still like)
Lost World (Still like, but TNT took it off the air)
Gilmore Girls(Of course still like well as long as they make her end up with Luke)
Weeds (Still like, but can't watch b/c don't have cable anymore)

2 of those I never thought I would of watched, but when your home alone can't sleep and have nothing to do you start to watch a lot of stuff. I keep thinking I used to watch more, but

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