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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Star Wars
Just saw Star Wars Revenge of the Sith today and it was awesome everyone kept saying it was the best one, but I didn't think it would be and of course I was wrong lol...I really think that they should remake 4-6 though cause I didn't like those all that much...umm my picture thing isnt working thats why I don't have a picture of Star Wars
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I know I posted a lot of pictures, but this is a really good picture of Ayane from DOA...

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Chick be liking that sword

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nice picture with a gun...

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Wedding Dress

Oh ya this is what I want my wedding dress to look like...^__~

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Friday, May 27, 2005


man i got more comments on my ramble then anything else now that is just wrong maybe i should ramble a lot more...what do u think pplz? tsk tsk ppl...anyway the new anime i'll probably b watching soon is X/1999 & Tokyo Babylon since i finished all the Saiyuki 4 rent...what do u think miss lollie? well if i do u'll probably start seeing a lot more of X stuff up so ya but Saiyuki and Angel Sanctuary r still my favorite animes no matter how much X i put up so ya lol

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Ya I'm bored and it's 2:15AM here so ya this is just going to be a ramble post read it if you want, but you don't have to cause I don't really know if there is going to be anything intresting in it yup yup. Man I was just looking at the screen the whole time and not looking at the keyboard and I got everything, but one thing right I'm sure lots of you can do that, but I didn't think I could cause I haven't in over 3 years. Anyway I guess I'll start rambling about stuff a little more intresting then that. Ok #1 ramble I'm going to the beach soon YEA!!! I love the beach we go just about every summer I hate it when we don't get to go. This year I am going with My sisters,Brother-n-law,Brother-n-law's brother, & then 2 friends of my sisters. Yup I have no friends going, but I guess those people are my friends since don't have many other people in my life. Ramble #2 my mum said I could get a job YAY!!! Ok sorry, but that calls for another YAY!!! I am so happy I've been wanting a job for so long hate being stuck in the house all day even though I do get out sometimes I still just hate it. I can't wait until I start a job...My first job...yup yup. Ramble #3 wait damn I don't have anything else to ramble about*cries* I wanted to keep rambling about nothing*cries more* well I guess I'm still kind of rambling that makes me feel better lol man I need someone to talk to so I stop rambling well if you read this whole thing you must have nothing else to do so I suggest you go to your site go to add a post and start your own ramble about reading a ramble lol wouldn't that be intresting well of course it would now go do that while I go find something else to do...It is now 2:25am
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Again Alexiel & Rosiel

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Sara & Setsuna

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