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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Daisuke Niwa
He is sweet and very kind. He'll be
little shy at the begining but in bed... Oh,
God!... He will be the best. With you he'll
forget Risa. Have fun sex! ;)

.:: Whit Which Male D.N.Angel Character you'll have the greatest sex ::. .:: Girls only ::.
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NOTE: This section contains mild spoilers for the first volume.

D.N.ANGEL is a manga by Sugisaki Yukiru that, interestingly enough, features a "magical boy" as its main character. Sugisaki tells the tale of a middle school student named Niwa Daisuke, beginning on the day of Daisuke's 14th birthday when his life suddenly takes a rather odd turn.

Daisuke's day starts off badly when his crush, a girl named Harada Risa (who happens to be the younger of a pair of identical twins, along with her sister Harada Riku), rejects him after he confesses his feelings for her. This gives rise to a more-or-less emotionally intense day. It's when he gets home, however, that things get really strange.

As Daisuke is at home, brooding about the day's events, mostly on Risa and his rejection, he begins to get a very strange feeling as his body emanates heat.

"Karada ga atsui!!"

As it ends up, thinking about the girl he likes triggers a reaction in his DNA that causes Daisuke to become another "himself," a wild-maned bishounen character known as "Dark." This change is now possible because, upon his 14th birthday, he has become "of age." (As if normal puberty weren't difficult enough. Heh!) Frightened by the sudden transformation, Daisuke rushes into the kitchen downstairs to his mother (who finds Dark very attractive, by the way o_o). Daisuke's grandfather then explains to him that it's a trait that runs in their family. Gramps himself used to become Dark as well.

That's how the series starts. The rest of the series (so far) seems to revolve around the problems arising from Daisuke's unexpected transformations and a mysterious classmate of Daisuke's named Hiwatari Satoshi, who is hunting down Dark for some reason.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ways you can tell you've been watching too much Dragonball Z:

You've watched the show so long you actually have tried to become a super Saiyin so long
and so hard you actually think you are one due to loss of brain cells.

You speak fluent Namek.

You find yourself lying in bed, pondering the question "Whom would I rather sleep with, Goku or Vegeta?"

The thought never enters your mind to investigate just exactly WHY Tien and Chou Tsu are always running
off together.

Green skin not only doesn't bother you, you are strangely and sensually intrigued by it.

You find yourself having passionate dreams that include yourself, Piccolo and a bottle of champagne.

You see nothing wrong with Mr. PoPo

It totally doesn't bother you that the man of your dreams is a cartoon character, who is married and has several kids.

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Donations Now Accepted

I am taking up a donation to raise a dollar to buy a real-life half mermaid half unicorn on the Black Market. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone...unless they want to make a donation.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Super Cute Fanart. Couldn't find the author though. So it's not mine, but it's too cute not to post. ^__^

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Dragon Ball Z Joke

The Decision

Yamcha is in the gateway where it is being decided if he will go to hell or heaven, be he did a lot of good and bad things in his life so it makes the decision harder…
King Yemma tells Yamcha to tell him one really good deed and he will let Yamcha go to heaven…
Yamcha: “I was driving on the highway when I saw Bulma being harassed by Vegeta. So I stopped the car and went up to Vegeta and punched him in his face, and said leave Bulma alone!”…
King Yemma asks, “When did this happen?”…
Yamcha: “About 5 minutes ago.”…

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What would you rather turn into every time cold water touched you?


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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You are Cyborg 003- the only female cyborg, Fransowars has enhanced eyesight and hearing. She is too trusting.
You are Cyborg 003--Fransowars Anou

Which Cyborg 009 Character are you?
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Haven't seen too many of these episodes but it seemed like an okay anime show. It was about Human beings that are being kidnapped and turned into cybernetic super soldiers for a mysterious organization.

I always wanted 003 and 009 to get together!

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