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Monday, January 17, 2005

This is the cute couple of Marmalade Boy, Yuu and Miki.
Ah- the tangled romance of one younger years! You
are the central character in Marmalade Boy. It
is sweet and a bit creepy all at once! I still
cant beleive that you date your

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you are "shoujo". girly girl doth become

What type of manga are you?
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The Demon Ororon

A lonely yet caring 15-year-old Chiaki, the half-angel daughter of the Archangel Michael and a human woman, welcomes into her home a dejected devil Ororon who pledges to stay at her side forever.

Both of them have been ostracized from their respective celestial realms – Chiaki because her origins are impure and Ororon because he is the youngest son of the Lord Devil and therefore a threat to his older brothers for leadership of the underworld.

As various agents of heaven come by to destroy the angel Chiaki, she learns that having the incredibly powerful Ororon by her side is useful. And as assassin after assassin comes to eliminate Ororon, he learns that Chiaki can teach him a valuable lesson about the sanctity of life.

(An extremely awesome manga, but with a depressing ending.)

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(I love the part where Gourry,Xellos and Zelgadis have to dress up as chicks)


Slayers is a adventure/comedy anime. Slayers is about the adventures of a sorceress and her friends. The setting is sort of medieval Europe, in a world full of magic, monsters and dragons. The sorceress is Lina Inverse, and she has the reputation of being a short-tempered, greedy, flat-chested, bandit/dragon slayer, who eats a lot. Lina and company often end up fighting the powerful monster race.

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Friday, January 14, 2005


Does anyone else think this anime is wicked crazy?

Yeah, because these pictures look totally normal…

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Kenshin Himuraa
Himura Kenshin: You're very polite and thoughtful,
and are a good person to talk to. You will
defend your friends when necessary, but for
some reason you don't see much worth in
yourself, and are constantly putting yourself
down in your private thoughts while keeping up
an optimistic attitude around your friends.

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Rurouni Kenshin

Fight to the death little Samurai

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“I am the formidable Blue Cow. I fly down from the sky at night and sneak into your bedrooms stealing your pillowcases and eating your toothpaste. I am to be feared and worshipped by all! Bring me your offerings and maybe you will be speared from my wrath.”

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Take the Kingdom Hearts personality quiz, and visit Castle Diqueria.

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Who would you rather share a Paupu fruit with?


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