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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ways you can tell you've been watching too much Dragonball Z:

You've watched the show so long you actually have tried to become a super Saiyin so long
and so hard you actually think you are one due to loss of brain cells.

You speak fluent Namek.

You find yourself lying in bed, pondering the question "Whom would I rather sleep with, Goku or Vegeta?"

The thought never enters your mind to investigate just exactly WHY Tien and Chou Tsu are always running
off together.

Green skin not only doesn't bother you, you are strangely and sensually intrigued by it.

You find yourself having passionate dreams that include yourself, Piccolo and a bottle of champagne.

You see nothing wrong with Mr. PoPo

It totally doesn't bother you that the man of your dreams is a cartoon character, who is married and has several kids.

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