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Hey peoples! You've found my spiffy site of many themes! I hope you like it, and if you do [Or don't] please sign my GB and tell me what you think about it! ^-^ Feel free to send me random PMs and add me as a friend! I'm always up for meeting new people! <3
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DeAtH iS mE
mood: 44

Well, because of people deciding to be flakes and me lacking the ability to get better "friends," I can not go to AnimeOasis. It's not so suprising concidering how badly i have been flaked out on in the past. i simply appals me that people would do such a thing, knowing how much it matters to me. i don't get to be myself nor get out that extra energy anywhere else...Plus, i get loot at cons, but...It is simply fucked up. is it so hard to bring it u to the person that you don't wish to, or that you do not like them? instead you have to do something so treacherous to somebody who had taken them under their wing and showed them feeling, fought tooth and nail for them to be accepted, and even ruined what little reputation she had, just for that so called "friend." Pardon me if this seems offensive to some, but you know what? it shouldn't unless you are guilty of this act. And for that, i never wish to see you again in my life. I hope you die alone and NEVER again will i speak to you. You are dead to me...

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Monday, January 21, 2008

This is Ground Control to Major Tom
Mood: Photobucket

Well...Guess what I'm on. X3 A LAPTOP!!!!! i finally gots me one. X3 So happy...but getting on the internets here is hard work. i almost have to stradle my litter box just to get a signal strong enough to go on YIM with. T-T BUT!! On the laptop is a song that I love that I havn't heard in forever. Space oddity by god [David Bowie. XD].

Here's the lyrics:

Ground control to major tom
Ground control to major tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

Ground control to major tom
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may gods love be with you

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
Four, three, two, one, liftoff

This is ground control to major tom
Youve really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now its time to leave the capsule if you dare

This is major tom to ground control
Im stepping through the door
And Im floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Planet earth is blue
And theres nothing I can do

Though Im past one hundred thousand miles
Im feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell me wife I love her very much she knows

Ground control to major tom
Your circuits dead, theres something wrong
Can you hear me, major tom?
Can you hear me, major tom?
Can you hear me, major tom?
Can you....
Here am I floating round my tin can
Far above the moon
Planet earth is blue
And theres nothing I can do.

I loves it. i havn't heard it since pre alg in 9th grade...o_o and I graduated in August. Damn...wait...I' almost 19!!!! ~dances around in circles, having an okay day for once, realizing she is one more year coser to being able o legally drink~

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fa la la la la, la la la, grrrrr Newport SUCKS
Mood: 78

Yeah, I'm a scrooge, I don't care. I have good reason for it, things always screw up around the holidays, and just to prove it, I'll tell you about this week, ALONE.
Today: Car key broke off in ignition, and now the locksmith doesn't know if he can get it out.
yesterday: Found out my bed is molding because of a leak in my bed area in the motor home, had a psychotic freakout and almost swallowed 600 ibuprphen, our rent money didn't come in.
Monday: 1st disk of Boodiepop, LOST.
Sunday: can't play my video games, cats pissed on my PS2.

yeah. four days, and that's what's going on, no friends here, no loved ones, except parentals.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

And I ran, I ran so far away
Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, peoples...It's been forever and a day since I have updated this thing...I blame school for ending and me for graduating...Though now that I have moved to Newport, Oregon, I am kinda screwed out of a comp...So yeah. I live now in a 21 foot motor home with my parents, 2 dogs and 3 cats. -_- It drives me INSANE!...but I shall live with it for the most part...I hope. lol But yeah, so I have no comp at home, but frequent the library and get manga and stuff. they have some I've never heard of, but I fell in love with them in an instant. ;_; god bless manga. Iv'ce also recently gotten a PS2 again! ^-^ I have both Galerians games now, Siren in Japanese AND in English, MGS2, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, DBZ Tenkaichi Budokai, and I think I have some more but I don't feel like getting off of my butt to check...I know I traded in Devil May Cry 3 for the english version of Siren...I accidentally bought it in Japanese the first time I bought it. ._. oops...and it doesn't work on my comp, so I have to try and get a mod chip...If I have questions about it, I could always play it in english afterwards. XD god, I'm such a loser. lol but yeah...I have to get going, I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day and I love you all and apologise for not updating in forever...sorry. >_<;;

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Monday, July 23, 2007

No mood this time.

To those of you who really give a flying monkey poo, I am moving before January first of next yer. I know i'm not on this thing that much anymore, and I'm sorry, but yeah...After I move, I have no clue when I'll be on next. I'm going to Oregon around Eugene. If I knew how to spell the name of the place I'm moving to, I would tell you, but I honestly don't...

For those of you who want to keep in contact with me for after the move [because I dunno when I'll be on next...], email me.


I <3 you guys. =[ please keep in touch...

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