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Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Lovin'
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Well, I'm still sorry that it's been so damned long since I've updated this thing. =/ School time was kinda my reminder that I have to post, but my other reminder is the fact that I never leave my house now. ^-^;; My friend Alida's in Oregon until the 20th, and when she gets back, we get to chill, then, on the 31st, I start house sitting...aaand I forgot to call the chick again. -_-;; dammit. I forgot to tell my mom to remind me. I feel real smart. ~rolls her eyes~ gawd.

But yeah, nothing much has been happening to me lately. i broke up with Geoff. =[ I kinda felt like I'd have to before I fell any more in love with him and did something more dumb than what I did...but we both know it couldn't be...so yeah...it's okay...right? I still love him but...ionno. =/

My 4th was great, I went with my folks to see the city fireworks and they were absolutely beautiful...I also saw the Transformers movie on opening day...Damned near orgasmic. I totally remembered my love for Bumble Bee. ^-^ The best autobot of all time. You argue, I kill you. lol

but yeah...other than that, nothing much has been going on. Just chillin' with friends and stuff...


Alida and I got rear-ended and I had to go to the hospital. Nothing serious, though. Just whiplash that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. =/ The following monday [3 days later] The person who rear-eneded us, his insurance company paid for my hospital bills AND gave me $600 in "pain and suffering," but as the guy said he liked to phrase it, "inconvenience $$." lol I liked him, he was cool. ^-^ but yeah...I think that's it...if I remember...I'll let y'all know. ~blows kisses~ <3 you all!!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There Once Was A Man From Nantucket...
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Well, I havn't really been home much lately, so I havn't really put anything on here. ^-^ Gomen. I just...yeah...I kinda have a social life now...so sorry. ^-^;;

Well...nobody's online...and it's making me wanna log off and just go....do something. =/ Ionno what...but I'm just so bored and sleeping dun do shit for me at this point. =_=;; If only I could come up with some money for video games, that would be freakin' awesome...but noooOOOoooo...-_-;; I'm shit poor.

Yesterday was Kelsey's b-day...it was kinda fun, but for the most part kinda boring. I had to tell her again that whenever there's males around, I get ignored and ditched...so this time, when she went off in search of food with her cousin, Alida and I were stuck with her cousin's friends Nick and Mike...I don't mind so much, seeing as how I prefer those two over Nate. [Kelsey's cousin she went off with in search of food...] When I first met Mike, I thought he was gonna be a dick with the way he talked, but he's actually kinda cool. ^-^ Nick is cool too...but Nate...is....Nate. He's in the Slaughter family, so what can I cay? [Slaughter is a last name.]

But yeah...I'm kinda really bored...and for once, people are talking to me...so I'm gonna go. I love you all. ~blows kisses~ Jaa!

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Cake For You / Link...He Is Coming To Town.
Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Well, Oregon officially SUCKED. I hated it, but I'm glad I went. I got to say goodbye to my grandpa. But yeah...=[ Well....I house sit tomorrow for somebody who think she's my friend when in actuality I can bearly stand her. -_-; but I get $25 out of it...I find it rather underpriced for 24 hours of watching THREE dogs...but oh well...I get food as well and she has digital cable. I just hope I can bring some music...Like The Fushigi Yuugi theme Itooshii Hito no Tameni....I really like it for some reason. =/....and I hate Fushigi Yuugi...just like I hate...I forgot the name, but it has a character Kogaji voiced by Vic Mignogna. >_>;;....I think it begins with an S...but I just really no likey it. I got the Final Fantasy Unlimited box set...then ending SUCKS. WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERY VOICE AKIRA ISHIDA DOES DIES!? WHY MUST THE PRETTY VOICES BISHIS DIE?!?! ~falls down and cries~ It's just not fair...;__________________; I love Kaworu Nagisa and Makenshi...Why must they die? It's the most unfair thing in the world...I'm in love with his voice. If I could I would kidnap him and have him say things to me...anything to me. He could be threatening to kill me all kung-fu like or be saying he'd turn me into the cops and I'd still love him because he'd be talking to me in his beautiful voice....It's like Toshiya from Dir en grey...Give me a man that looks like Toshiya but sounds like Akira Ishida and doesn't die...I'd be set for life. my dad found my crystal that I got from Alphonse's family last year. I went over and showed them. Things were kinda akward, but I was trying to make them less so. It seems like forever since I went over there...since him and I got into that big fight. It's good to not have that negative static between us so much anymore. I don't like having that with people, yet so many people have it with me....Myke for example...well...i just plain out don't like him. He thinks he has the right to be an asshole...I can't wait until somebody kicks his ass so bad that he breaks down and dies...i know that sounds horrible, but he's a fucking douche. anyway....yeah. Not much is going on lately...I got rid of a kitten today. ^-^ Oreo went to Sara and she's calling him Chachi. lol cute name, huh? ~giggles some~ I'm now listening to Passion (after the battle) by Utada Hikaru....ya know...the KH2 theme? Yeah. I really wanna talk to Geoff. =[ I dunno why, but i really really do right now. T_T Sucks. I think he's asleep, but not sure...It's after midnight for him...so I'm not gonna call just incase he is asleep....and I'm not really in the mood for talking to Todd...He's perverted and I'm only perverted towards certain people now days...~sighs~ ugh.
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

In my field of paper flowers
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Geoff, if you're reading this. check your email and your myspace...turd.

Yeah...I'm in Pregon right now. Salem to be exact, on my uncle's computer...~sighs deeply~...There's no real funeral...only a memorial service on friday...So yeah...

Today on our way to the property my folks are wanting to buy for the farm, our car DIED. We had to wait for about an hour or so before a tow truck came, then we had to wait at the shop for about...oh...30 min to get the fuel filter replaced, then left. On the way back to my uncle's [we've been staying here since monday night] the car died again. not the fuel filter obviously. =_=;;; Today has been hell, and there was nothing I could do to help out my mom who's been crying over it...

The worst part about this trip isn't the fact that it's for the fact ym grandpa died...no...I'm apathetic about that...It's the fact I can't talk to Geoff. I love him so much it hurts...I want to talk to him more than any of you know. He is the one thing that makes me sleep at night...and now that I can't talk to him...I cry in bed at night. [...well...in Kahner's bed...[he's my 5 y/o cousin.]] But yeah...

Geoff...I love you so much more than I can put into words of actions...you're keeping me chugging along this harsh life...and I feel like I continually hurt you and I don't deserve you... This day has got me thinking and frankly, I think this world would have been better if I wasn't born.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's been a long hard road...
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Just yesterday my great grandpa died. i loved him so much and it males me constantly cry...and now...I have no clue what to do...even with Geoff...I'm probably just being hopeful...but I dunno...I love him so much...and yet...he thinks we can't be together...I dunno what to do...

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Monday, May 21, 2007

We're men -- men in tights, TIGHT tights.
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Well I went home in friday due to my back. =[ it sucked. It got REALLY painful and sitting in these shitty chairs only makes it worse. -_-

Anyway, my weekend was great. ^-^ I hung out with a big group of people and found out that somebody is willing to buy one of my pics that I have been trying to sell for some time. ^-^ He says I should also draw him a raichu...the only problem is, is that the pics arn't apropriate, so i can't scan them and put them on here because somebody would be all like, "I find that offensive. That person should die!!"...-_- I'd just get another account, but I don't want to lose this one because I'm so damned attatched to it now. lol...I have water in my ear. >_< It's all from the sprinkler saturday night. >_<;;;

Drawing Link chained up to a wall and nude is hard. =-/ I'm getting paid $25-30. ^_____________^ Hehe. Thank you, yuzuki-chan.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Kanji desu
Mood: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ...owie.

Today's been a long day. I found a translating site that's free and kick ass...plus it's an easy to use one. ^-^ totally awesome...But yeah. =[ today I'm in a shit load of pain, but I don't want to go home because I wanna work on my painting in 6th period...plus I have a project in 4th. >_< dammit...but I really wanna go home...my back hurts really bad...I need to go to the chiropractor...I dunno if that's the way you spell it...but I don't care. It hurts so much. It puts me on the verge of tears when I move the wrong way or don't move at all...=[

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hold me now/Angel is the Centerfold/indecisive
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Today was seniors day at my school...I gotta dick around all day and then go home an hour early. ^-^ Got home at 2:30 instead of about 4:05 like normal...Got my yearbook...>_>; I gots more autographs than before. ^-^ Makes me kinda happy...though everybody seems to have more than me...v_v Makes me feel like a loser...I mean...really, the only life I have is online, and even then, I'm drifting from the internet so I'm losing that life as well...I dunno...I guess I'm just pathetic. ~sighs deeply~ I dunno...All I really know that my dad's pissing me off with not helping me with the stuff I need help on with my job applications so I can't get a job...-_-

I'm going to pay my way to Wisconsin no matter what. I refuse to let Geoff pay my way...I'll feel bad enough...I mean...He's gonna have me living there for a while, putting up with my horribly shy nature...I mean...I'm scared to french people...for one good reason and a not so good reason...The guy who molested me frenched me and I was too scared to bite it...the thought makes me wanna vomit...plus I have such a strong thing against saliva...I mean...~shudders~ The thought of saliva other than my own makes me gag...>_<;; Ugh. So nasty. I'm gonna get over it...I mean, some people's isn't as bad as some others...some people's makes me actually vomit at the thought...but...~sighs and shakes her head~....yeah...and another thing...My friends think this is the funniest thing ever...ya know how most people are all turned on by somebody goin' down on them? Not me! It's a turn off bigger than hell. o_o;;; It's sad!...T_T Makes me wanna cry...I feel like a freak. =[
anyway...off of that topic...I'm kinda sad...=[ I mean...really. I've wanted to talk to Geoff all day, but when I got home from night school, he was already asleep Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I wanted to cry some...but...if I did, my folks would freak the fugg out. ~sighs deeply~...I hate this...

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bushwalking/ Bloom Prittily...>_>;;....~sighs and shakes her head~
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Today, 2nd period again...bleh. i'm in such a chill mood. =/ yesterday was sooo lame. It totally sucked. >_< I hated it...I'm bored. Bell about to read...hungry....bleh. x_x

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Can't get you outta my head.
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Yeah...I think I've decided to go to WN...I think that's the abreviation...=/....Well, Wisconnsin...I think that's how ou spell it. >_>;;...but yeah. Going. I don't care if it'll hurt in the end...I'll be happy for the while I'm there...and who knows. Might come back with a person kicking and screaming. ^-~ hehe. Yeah...I dunno why, but I'm strangely optomistic...and sober. lol I'm listening to Kylie Monogue's Can't get you out of my head and Love at first sight. ^-^ Some of my fave songs they are. The thought of going across the country freaks my ass the fugg out and makes me wonder how I get to tell my parents that I'm going. o_o;; I'm thinking about landing it on them at the last minute...say it's a LARP trip with a big group of friends and that I'm getting paid to do it...that a bunch of people around the country I know are going...Ionno...maybe? o_O;;;oh god It makes me nervous...

But yeah...ionno. XDI think there's something on the insence my friend got me. >_>;; ionno. It just made em all loopy after I lit it...but I love the smell...smells like some old insence I had and makes me all nostalgic. >_> ah....good memories...the first blitzball tournament I won. XD Moohaha! I thought Beca and Juice were gonna go deaf. lol It was so cool...I miss those carefree times...my only issue is, is that around that time I fell in love with Andrew. -_- he needs to die. [and No, Yuzuki...not the Andrew you know....this is a different one and he's like...22-23 now. -__- and still a dick...] But yeah. =[ I gotta go...nobody I know is online and the only company I have is an annoying bird. Have fun all of you. ^-^ Love ya! ~blows kisses to all and glomps Geoff, clinging to him~

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