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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fa la la la la, la la la, grrrrr Newport SUCKS
Mood: 78

Yeah, I'm a scrooge, I don't care. I have good reason for it, things always screw up around the holidays, and just to prove it, I'll tell you about this week, ALONE.
Today: Car key broke off in ignition, and now the locksmith doesn't know if he can get it out.
yesterday: Found out my bed is molding because of a leak in my bed area in the motor home, had a psychotic freakout and almost swallowed 600 ibuprphen, our rent money didn't come in.
Monday: 1st disk of Boodiepop, LOST.
Sunday: can't play my video games, cats pissed on my PS2.

yeah. four days, and that's what's going on, no friends here, no loved ones, except parentals.

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