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Well, hullo! I'd like to start off our relationship with the usual pathetic plea to sign my guestbook, be my friend, and all that jazz, and (if you are narrow-minded) end it with this warning: If you don't like psychotic teenage girls, i suggest you leave now.^_^
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oh my oh my oh MY O.o
i'm really neglecting me aren't i?
well, not really. i'm being the other me all the time :P
in other words, i never check or use this site anymore, really. if you would like to be in more frequent contact with me, go here:
Naiaz Secret Identity!!

sooo what's been going on... well... jeez, tons of stuff. i have a fanmanga on my other site and my fanart has vastly improved in the three years i've belonged to the otaku... it shows if you look at my art on this site and my art on shadowscastbydusk. heh.
too much went on in my extremely exciting personal life to really list here, so i suggest reading my posts on my daily-used site.^_^
maybe i'll try to revive this site sometime, but truly, i can only really be loyal to one on a regular basis, and i chose shadowscastbydusk mainly because that's what i met gabe as. back when it was only one of my "second sites".. it became my main one. lol.
so anyway... oh yeah O.o
that's something important enough to mention
last month gabe and i had our two-year anniversary!
aaand he's going to come down and visit me next summer^_^

i know i'm probably talking to myself because i suspect most people have deleted me from their friends' lists by now. i'm rather silent lately. :D
but if i'm talking to my wallpaper, so be it. maybe it'll be as good a listener as the wall.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

nobody CARES?? O.o
i know i'm not on here much but jeez.. *sniff*.. how insensitive.. *see last post*

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

i apologize for not updating for so long.
my life is full of exciting escapades as you know, but now i am too boring to write of them. HOWEVER, my birthday is today! whoopee!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

*runs away*

*beeeep* this has been a test to see if anyone still comes.

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