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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/06/06:
this is another quiz by me and knox! please take it, it's entertaining.

<-(~:.What Shop Should You Run.:~)->Girls AND Guys Welcome

Coffee Shop/Bookstore/Karaoke BarOfficial Name: "The Damned Butterfly" The first thing a customer will notice upon approaching the storefront with its peeling grey paint and tattered posters duct-taped to the wall is the vague wailing emanating from within. If they listen closely they will recognize misery-enhanced pop songs, sung horribly off-key. Upon entering, they will be greeted by the sullen glances of the dull-eyed, lonely hearts sitting at the bar. Gazing across the smokey room they will see the indistinct forms of bookshelves housing hundreds of books such as: "What To Do When a Girl Rips Your Heart Out and Shoves it Up Your Butt!" By Harold Butttley and "My Horrible, Awful, Indescribably Painful, Terrible, Horrid, Tearful, Heart-breaking, Soul-shattering, Bewailed Life of Misery: A Book Of Poems" By Esther Allan Poe.You are the manager and bartender and spend your hours comforting the pathetic that drag their sorry behinds into your store in the hope of losing themselves in the bottom of your Corona bottles.After all, you are an empathetic soul and often join them as they bawl their sorrows into their empty tankards, which you quickly fill again.If you were confronted by a crazy person, meaning crazier than the type that usually come to your store, they would say:*holds up cat*"Oh woe is me! Oh sorrow and pain! Me only reason to live is gone and dead and COLD and STIFF! Me mum is dead!!!"*gestures toward limp cat which lifts its head and meows mournfully*"Hush mum or I won't get me free beer!!!!"
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Result Posted on 05/01/06:
this is the quiz knox and i made... it's awesome. you should take it. i'm sure you'll find it will enrich your life.

<-(~:.What Shop Should You Run.:~)->Girls AND Guys Welcome

Martial Arts/Kendo SchoolOfficial Name: "The Dojo" In the Far East...of the strip mall, lies the finest martial arts training facility left of the Mcdonald's! The windows are filled with shining talismans of victory- the many trophies won by the skilled and reknowned Tiger-Sensei, Zodiac Master and a Warrior of Honor. This...mighty figure is none other than...YOU. Only the elite youths of suburbia may attend your classes and recieve their daily butt-whooping.Your uniform consists of camo-cargos, a bandana, and a muscle shirt embroidered with an imperial dragon.The method of greeting new customers is flipping them over your head and commenting on their weakness.It is not unusual for at least one or two of your students to take a trip to the emergency room once a week.If you were confronted by a crazy person, whom you just flipped, they would say:"OH MY STARS!! Great Ghengis Kahn! Have mercy on my narrow buttocks!! They are UNWORTHY of such a magnificent butt-whooping!!!!!"
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Result Posted on 12/30/05:
my dog ivy is a lab and she is the SWEETEST dog ever born^_^

Result Posted on 12/30/05:

Result Posted on 12/30/05:
haha! that's probably true!

Result Posted on 11/13/05:
TAKE MY QUIZ!!! *dangerous glare*

by word of niadra
-_- The serious smiley! You often stop to ponder the
meanings of things longer than others would.
Some regard you as too young to be thinking
about death or the philosophical issues you
like to dwell on, but this isn't true. You're a
very deep person and not everyone is going to
understand you, but don't let it bother you.
Surround yourself with friends who understand
and accept you, and don't worry about the

What smiley 'describes' you the best?
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Result Posted on 10/02/05:
my quizzie i made^_^ ...and knox she helped too ...a lot ...a lot a lot okay?

You are part of "The Pipes"... An underground civilization of outcasts, thieves,
and criminals. You're a loner, not evil but
hardened by past experiences and finding it
difficult to relate to anyone. You don't have
many friends, but there may be someone out
there who's a lot like you. Look for them.

What Secret Society Do You Belong To? {intrigueing questions, detailed answers,
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Result Posted on 09/10/05:
o...kay then

the perfect kisser
Your a perfect kisser! your a little of
everything! you keep your partner on their
toes, and always wanting more! Your kisses can
be soft, innocent, sexual, passionate and
senseual! Everyone must want alittle from you!
But good job keep it up^_^

What type of kisser are you?(pics)[[for guys and girls]]
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Result Posted on 09/10/05:
i DO love nature, but obviously i do use technology or else you wouldn't be reading this!

You are an extreme nature lover. You find that the
best things in life come from the heart, and
you live up to that. Technology? Bleh, you use
hand-made matierals all the way. And don't get
me started on your fave hang-out: the wild.
Anywhere with green, brown, and animals, you
are. The trees, plants, and animals are all
you're friends. The wild, un-travelled area is
your territory. You are one of the last people
like this. You help that passion survive. You
have a wonderful personality, and you have a
beautiful soul. Never, ever, let anybody take
that from you. Ever.

What Kind of Person are You? [beautiful anime pics, and lengthy details, as usual!]
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Result Posted on 08/14/05:
oh goody...

You Passed! Professor Corvis says, "Congratulations! It
was a pleasure to have you in class."

Care of Magical Creatures OWL
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