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Sunday, December 24, 2006

oh my friendses
if you miss me too terribly much, come be my friend on ShadowsCastByDusk.
i, of course, expect absolutely no one to take up that offer because i know no one misses me that much.

feliz navidad to all you peoplez out there, spanish or not!
christmas eve is cool.
it is a good night.
yes, a good night indeed.
a good night for hyperness.
and all that jazz.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

   in the forgottenness
well i haven't been on here in a while have i..
i feel like i've been forgotten
my fault :(
the extravaganza..
at school..
there are no children to babysit, there are too many babysitters, oh. my. goodness.
i should walk around and buy stuff.. that's all there is to do here-_-'

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

oh my, it has been a while
so, my friends, if you remember who i am
lots of stuff has been up, none of it would be particularly interesting to you though i imagine...
i am currently the lady of the house, at least for the day, then i must go to work and tomorrow my parents are back from their voyage at that college
and.. i have nothing else to say.. except it's cold
heater's probably not coming on till middle of november though, order of dad

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Friday, September 1, 2006

several reasons my day is not spectacular so far:

we're on tornado watch
the power is out
i am using my mom's laptop on batteries, the keyboard of which drives me bonkers
it's raining fit to drown someone
it's too dark to read
my emergency lantern thingy is low on batteries
we're out of batteries
my ipod is nearly dead and i obviously cannot recharge it
there's no hot water so no showers
worried like heck that i'll hear a freight-train noise and know i have to drag my dog down to the basement and hide

points of light in this darkness:

the laptop still WORKS
the weather has cooled down considerably
the phones still work (well, not the cordless ones.)
there probably WON'T be a tornado.. it's unlikely

aaand with that i leave you.. nothing else has happened today so far.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

   Woooooowww, man...
it's been quite a while since i posted.
i am starting school on the.. umm... sixth of september i believe.
i am so not looking forward to it.
i've done all my school supplies shopping but i have yet to go clothes shopping. a whole day of shopping so that i can
wake up every school morning and be so tired i forget to match anything anyway.
but on the upside, that unexplainable need to own boxers is satisfied now. i have two pairs plaid and one pair with peace signs
and names of beatles' songs on them. they're the BEST, man.
i've totally given up the fight to stop talking like a hippie/surfer dude. it just makes life funnier that way.
well my computer got an incurable virus so it's with some total strangers who will commence deleting everything and reinstalling windows xp
and i am currently using my mom's crappy old computer which is hooked up to my monitor. it frequently closes all firefox windows
while i'm trying to do something and won't let me open more than three or four applications at once, depending on its mood,
and is not compatible with msn messenger, only yahoo.
happy T_T

i should be getting it back soon...
as soon as i can get the computer backup disk to the peoples.
then they can take my life's work and delete it.
no thankfully i have all my writing backed up on my mom's computer.
still. i'm going to lose all my music.
well this has just turned into a regular pity party hasn't it?
if anyone's still reading i apologize for being so boring after not posting for a month.
i'll take my leave now.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

you know what's fun? you know? i'll tell you what's fun. kayaking. i spent an hour or so today kayaking in my backyard ^____^
well not my backyard per se. the creek out back of my house. but anyway.
kayaking is really nice because it strengthens your arms AND your stomach muscles (MORE than lifting weights!) and it's fun (UNLIKE lifting weights!)
plus you get wet. forget the drip guards, they don't work- you will get wet.
soo i highly recommend it as a form of exercise.
after i went kayaking i came back and was promptly asked to go shovel rocks into a hole (home sweet home- always a yard or house project going on.. guess that's the price of having a 140-year-old house)
when i take a job... i hardly ever get to the point where i'm at the LIMIT of my strength.. where i just CAN'T do something.. but i was close today! that freaking wheelbarrow of rocks weighed SO MUCH=_= and i was trying to push it over a little hillock thing, and it was not working.. i had to shove at it for at least forty seconds before it moved at all.
then i got to put final draft book pages in order for my mum (yay-_-) and go wash off a wooden box so my dad could oil it.
i tell you, most summer days i feel positively lazy but today is my exception XD
i'll let you go now, considering that you actually read to the end of this.
and always remember!:

Niadra of the Sea Otters is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com

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Monday, July 3, 2006

   hallucinations of the very tired!
well i think i've been short of sleep for weeks..
been staying up late on the net lol
waking up late.. just isn't the same-_- i used to be able to do this, why can't i now?
..i'm getting old.. 0_0
i dont' want to go to heritage hall.. that is like the worst nursing home ever i had to go chime there and it's bad
i've been writing a lot lately too, for the book knox and i are writing.. we're a fine pair, we get together, write, then bewail our writing skills and threaten each other for it
"oh my looorrrrdd, my writing sucks it is such CHEEEEZ"
that's what we always do to each other-_-'
although i want an unbiased opinion.. i have to write slight romance and it's really hard to do without a certain amount of cheeziness.. so here's an exerpt.. tell me how bad it sounds:

' “Well, this hasn’t done much for either of us.” he sat back and stared at the sky. He had to look back down again almost immediately. The blue was so intense it burned his eyes. He looked at Lyra, and she was the opposite of that bright sky. In her gray school uniform with her dark brown hair framing a pale and unhappy face. Now she was looking at him, and he thought it was sad that he couldn’t make her as bright as that sky, only even more pale and unhappy than she always was.
“Can I ask you for a favor, then?” '

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

apparently i think that the way to remedy boredom is by watching old movies.
but it can be true!
i arranged all 43 or so of my anime dvds/videos in alphabetical order while watching A Series of Unfortunate Events.
which actually isn't an old movie.
but the books are way better.
i don't know where i'm going with this anyway.
i need to shut up now so you don't blame me for wasting your time.
bye-bye now!

aww klaus and sunny are so cute... and violet's pretty.. sunny was the best actor in the whole movie but klaus was great too

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

today was our graduation.
it was dreadfully boring, but the good thing is, it's over and eighth grade is over, and they give awards to the people in the classes that the teachers of those class thought.. were the most.. um.. well enthusiastic and such
they were for math, science, english, art, and geography
well.. i usually never win anything of that type because i'm well-behaved but very quiet and not usually what you would call "enthusiastic" in class..
i won the art award!
it made my day, really, because academic stuff is "blah" to me till it comes to art, which i absolutely love
i was really happy^_^
i think they made too big a deal out of it though XD
they actually had a thing engraved
and it like.. has my name on it
anyway, yesterday i bought X the movie, which is rated R for no special reason, aaand i haven't read many of the books but i know it didn't follow X/1999. and well..
it sucked. it was the most wandering, plot-lacking, boring movie with the most awful characters i've seen in.. a while
which is sad, since the animation was pretty good and the backgrounds were awesome
but they KILLED OFF subaru and seishiro in the FIRST THREE MINUTES! the ONLY interesting characters! kamui is a buttley, fuuma is also a buttley, kotori is an annoying wuss, and everyone else sucks too, except for arashi who's kind of cool but also dies. THEN EVERYONE dies except kamui, in various gruesome ways, (have you EVER heard of a girl randomly giving birth to a sword, because I haven't) and then it's over.
and kamui has a bad habit of picking up dead people's severed heads and hugging them and crying.
it's not very pretty at all.
knox and i hated the movie so then we watched an older video of mine, which is a GOOD movie with GOOD characters and a GOOD plot (AND it's set in ireland!!)
this is the movie; if you haven't seen it, you should, because it rocks. it's sad though.

yeah it has a rather dumb cover but into the west is SOOO good (and it's not about stupid western cowboys)

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

i just got home and like...
there are worker people who have invaded my house.
and they're like... scary
and loud
and they're right next to my room.
AND there is currently no running water since they are remodeling the bathroom and i feel so horribly haggish and i CANNOT take a shower!
that's my news at the moment-_-

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