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Hello everyone! i'm a new member and hope to be a long lasting one!! Please feel free to check out this site and help me get better accomodated with this community!! thanx!! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~~~~! An-Na-Na!~~~
HELLO EVEYONE! how have u been>? i missed all of u so much!! I FI NALLY GOT MY BG!! yay!!i've waited to soooooo long!! *sob* *niff* anyways, im doing great, though my love life sucks. im in a love triangle, and everytime i try to pull away, he seems to ensnare me with his sultry charm and eductive ways. lol i want him to move on, but he holds on so tightly, i don't wanna let go. at the same time, he won't let go of her; and it's getting so bad that im getting sick, and was hyperventilating on the bus( breathing so hard i couldn't breath at all) im fine now,im staying with him, so i can't help but see him, (issues at home with my dad, long story) but...i think all i want is him to be okay, and the selfish side of mye wants him for myself. my friends told me the best thing to do is tell him i want some space,like, u know the saying, "if u love something, then let it go. And if it loves u back ,then it'll come back." i should do that, see if he'll miss me when im gone, but he doesn't think like that, he'll think that i don't want him anymore, and then try to get closer to the other one, saying "it's what i wanted right?" knowing daggon well, that all i want is to be with him, near him. he intoxicates me, and it makes it so hard to let go. that's why im worried that if i try to let go, or move away, i wouldn't have the heart to do it. it would hurt to be away, but....
*sigh* anyways, other than my home probs, my love probs, and me being a senior and sucking at skool(my only talent drawing...i think) i think my other weird nerdy friend has a MAJOR crush on me.
ever since i moved in with the guy i love, my friend with a crush on me got sad, and quiet, i wanna ask him, but he won't tell me. he's one of my good friends, a guy who pays attention to a girl when she looks nice, or cool, or just wants someone to notice. and not just me, most of all our girl friends in the group. *sigh* such is the exciting teenaged life on me!!!! well, i've said enough, im gonna post some images, cuz I LIKE IT! lol!
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Friday, January 5, 2007

~~~!5 SECOND AN-NA-NA!~~~

this is my old bg! time for an upgrade!

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

IM ALIVE!!!! lol!!!
sorry i haven't ben in a LOOOOOOONG time! i've had no chance. but im gonna keep this short, and say wassup ppl? im cool. soccer over, we did good, im in swimming now, and i got second place in all my runs, so yeah. im good. lol.
but school's been good, im doing good, if i can get ten dollars i can get ruby version(pokemon! yes im a proud geek!!!! <_< ) and my friend is givng me emerald version!! yay!!! i've almost beaten sapphire again, i have 105 pokemon, so once i get the other games i can totally beat it!! YES!!
And christmas did not suck. (lol) my dad got me the wrong manga, but that's okay. i can deal with it. im a big naruto fan now, but ROCK LEE IS THE SEXIEST AND THE BEST AND THE COOLEST!!
that's right.
im a loser. laterz ppl!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

5 SECOND !~~~!AN-NA-NA!~~~!
hey ppl, waasup!! sorry i haven't been on in awhole. i have no excuse i just haven't been on. how's life on the otaku? hope good. my fingers r rusty, so im ashamed to say that im typing kinda slow. life's okay on this sideof the world, internet is so hard to get a hold of now a days. ppl finally recognizes(????) my art, but sadly, they likre my real life, and im a cartonist!! oh well, i'll stick to anime.
This week at my school it's spirit week, and today is decade day, and the sniors have the 80s, so im a punk rocker today!! YAY!!! LOL i already have the haircut, so it's on to finding my eyeliner! where ever it may be.....
anyways! my pants are cut and i have a jean jacket on with a balck shirt, but im cold.
i haven't seen any good anime's but i plan to start reading and watching naruto again(my fingers are getting quicker! yay!) soccer season is over, and sadly i missed our last game, i was grounded for argueing with my dad, so yeah -,-.
but it's all good. if we don't need to talk, then we won't. oh! but i got some new games!!!
.......well, actually, they're my boyfriend's games, but i have 20% ownership!....anyway! he, er-we! got a game callled SAMURAI WARRIORS, a japanese version of a game called DYNASTY WARRIORS (chinese) it's so much fun and so much easier to remember names like Yukimaru Sanada And Mistunari than names like, Sun Ce And Cou Pi and watnot.lol alos, we got OKAMI!!! THE GAME IS SO COOL! it's about a legendary white wolf that has to come back to save the world of nippon again from the curse of a 8 headed serpent named orochi. im not gonna tell u much, but u use a celestial bruch, and can draw!! it may sound corny, but it's fun.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR FFXII!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i saw the previews, and i was a little confused, and i can't remember it to well, but i know that it got me hyped and loving it!
......................i probably won't get it til winter of next year. BUT! Maybe my love can get it for me. well, i gotta go, im a try to get to all of u next time! laterz!
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and just becuz it's weird....
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

hey wassup ppl?! it's been along time!1 how was ya'll summer??? mine was quaint. i liked it!~ and i have such a strong feeling that this year, my senior year, will be a good one. i got good classes, my friends in everysingle one, and i have a soccer game tomorrow! wish me luck!!! laterz~

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