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Thursday, January 4, 2007

IM ALIVE!!!! lol!!!
sorry i haven't ben in a LOOOOOOONG time! i've had no chance. but im gonna keep this short, and say wassup ppl? im cool. soccer over, we did good, im in swimming now, and i got second place in all my runs, so yeah. im good. lol.
but school's been good, im doing good, if i can get ten dollars i can get ruby version(pokemon! yes im a proud geek!!!! <_< ) and my friend is givng me emerald version!! yay!!! i've almost beaten sapphire again, i have 105 pokemon, so once i get the other games i can totally beat it!! YES!!
And christmas did not suck. (lol) my dad got me the wrong manga, but that's okay. i can deal with it. im a big naruto fan now, but ROCK LEE IS THE SEXIEST AND THE BEST AND THE COOLEST!!
that's right.
im a loser. laterz ppl!

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