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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~~~~! An-Na-Na!~~~
HELLO EVEYONE! how have u been>? i missed all of u so much!! I FI NALLY GOT MY BG!! yay!!i've waited to soooooo long!! *sob* *niff* anyways, im doing great, though my love life sucks. im in a love triangle, and everytime i try to pull away, he seems to ensnare me with his sultry charm and eductive ways. lol i want him to move on, but he holds on so tightly, i don't wanna let go. at the same time, he won't let go of her; and it's getting so bad that im getting sick, and was hyperventilating on the bus( breathing so hard i couldn't breath at all) im fine now,im staying with him, so i can't help but see him, (issues at home with my dad, long story) but...i think all i want is him to be okay, and the selfish side of mye wants him for myself. my friends told me the best thing to do is tell him i want some space,like, u know the saying, "if u love something, then let it go. And if it loves u back ,then it'll come back." i should do that, see if he'll miss me when im gone, but he doesn't think like that, he'll think that i don't want him anymore, and then try to get closer to the other one, saying "it's what i wanted right?" knowing daggon well, that all i want is to be with him, near him. he intoxicates me, and it makes it so hard to let go. that's why im worried that if i try to let go, or move away, i wouldn't have the heart to do it. it would hurt to be away, but....
*sigh* anyways, other than my home probs, my love probs, and me being a senior and sucking at skool(my only talent drawing...i think) i think my other weird nerdy friend has a MAJOR crush on me.
ever since i moved in with the guy i love, my friend with a crush on me got sad, and quiet, i wanna ask him, but he won't tell me. he's one of my good friends, a guy who pays attention to a girl when she looks nice, or cool, or just wants someone to notice. and not just me, most of all our girl friends in the group. *sigh* such is the exciting teenaged life on me!!!! well, i've said enough, im gonna post some images, cuz I LIKE IT! lol!
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