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Info about me... Well lets see, my names David, I'm 21 years old, I'm 6'3 tall, blue eyes and light brown hair. I have an very easy and laid back job not really

I love anime and I started collecting about 4 years ago, you can see pictures of my collection below. I am always looking for new Anime to keep me busy. So any suggestions will not go unchecked ^^

Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to sign my GuestBook. Cheers! ^_^

Mrs Edward Elric

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hello all ^^

I'm going to the race Course today with the elderly parent I call Old Man (AKA the Father), Going to place some bets on some races and try and make myself a little bit of cash. HA!!! Like thats going to happen to me lol ^^

So Ummmm yeah I'll be out for the afternoon betting on those Horses. I'll be back in the evening i think, I dunno lol.

Anyway Enough of the random gibberish I call this post blog thing.

See ya all later! Well not litterly but you know what i mean

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Friday, August 10, 2007


Well its been a while people, i'm obviously no longer in the USA and im working again... such bordom in this place.

Oh well the next focus is my next holiday lol. ^^ well they dont know if they wanna give it to me, (cause its in december and its very busy) but who cares lol. i booked the flight already so even if they say no im going. I dont care about quiting, more important things in life than a job. ^^

Oh well see ya'll later!!!

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

   Oh Good God I'm 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep itís that time of year again when one becomes older and supposedly wiser, but well it doesnít seem like I have become wiser ^^ i am still doing mostly the same kinda stuff I was doing when I was 18!! Drinking with friends, watching Anime and playing games.

^^ but well this past year has been great, I would go so far to say that it is the best year so far! I have met many nice people and I have found the perfect girl in the last 10 months. I love you Jackie ^^

The next I have is to make my work life a success as well and over the past week I have done just that. It was on Monday that I had a revelation and I now know what I am expected to do at work and how to make sure everything is done... its weird lol.

Well I'm off to drink and celebrate the rest of this horrible horrible day where I will realize exactly how old I am lol.

See ya later everyone!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

   Bank Holiday!

Today being a national holiday I am not doing much. Just lying in bed, watching some TV. I really should go do some washing, but Iím far to lazy.

I woke up this morning due to my nose bleeding, not really a good way to wake up. I had one at work on Saturday as well. Itís getting kinda annoying.

Anyway Iím bored so Iím going to go look at youtube for a while.

See ya all later ^^

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

   Random Post

Once again I havenít posted for ages! But well here I am again, I'm still alive lol. i have this week off work so I'm just relaxing around the house, and doing some painting. I need to paint the living room, which is relaxing.

There's not much going on really other than my usual routine of watching Anime. On the list to be watched is the last part of Dragonball, then Roruin Kenshin, then Last Exile and finally Outlaw Star. That will be all of my new Anime watched.

Well see ya all later, I'm off to watch more Dragonall lol.

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