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Monday, February 26, 2007

   Random update

Well I havent updated in a while, so i thought i should. Well whats beeen happening with me? ummm not much really. I have watched alot of anime, Nadesico, Fruits Basket and now I have started to rewatch Dragonball... I've forgoten how fun that show is, has been making me laugh.

Oh yeah i also have got Final Fantasy 12 which was released over here on Friday I have already played 16/17 hours and I'm really getting into it.

Other than that I havent been doing anything else other than working. I'll be having a week off at the end of March which is great ^^

Well I'll be off see ya later

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

   Let it snow, let it snow let it snow!!!!

I woke up this morning on my day off. Went down stairs made some breakfast, came back up stairs and went to clean my teeth and noticed it was far to white outside! And Yep its about 1-2 inches of snow. Anyway look at the pretty pictures of my house in the snow! lol

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Friday, February 2, 2007

   New DVD player!

Well these past few months have been full of upgrades for me ^^ as I have told you I brought a new HD TV in December to play my Wii on.

This past Month I have also spent out on a new DVD player that works best with a HD TV!! Well that was £70 but I got it set up today as itís my day off and I could collect it from the Post office as I wasnít home when they tried to deliver it. But guess what! They didnít include the cable that will make it work best on a HD TV... ohhhh no... So off I trundled down to Curryís (an electrical store) where I found my friend who works there. Can you believe the price of that cable is £35!!!! So I forced her (my friend) to give me discount. But anyway yeah my TV now plays DVD's in very nice quality! Iím very impressed. I canít wait to watch some good Anime on it. You see its a normal DVD player but it has something in it that increases the quality of the DVD. So no I didnít just pay out for one of those HD DVD players... I donít have that kinda money... Ok yes I do but I'm not gonna buy one of these DVD players ^^

Oh yeah I couldnít believe it when I finally got it plugged in and working after buying that cable! When I brought it, it was clearly advertised as a multiregion DVD player!! But it doesnít play region 1 DVD's!! Howís that multiregion!! So I started to scan the intergalactic web for a DVD code for my DVD player. After 30mins of searching i found it and now it really is multiregion. But seriously I could sue them for false advertisement! But I'm too lazy to do that.

Oh yeah I also brought a digital camera which is great ^^ what else.... oh yeah last month I brought all those Anime box sets. So yeah a nice big load of expenditures for me. But now Iím set for 2/3 months not to buy anything as I have always got something to watch.

I just finished Cowboy Bebop, I need to watch the movie... I might do that in a bit on my new HD set up! But next I'm gonna watch Fruits Basket which I was told was good by our pod cast fan Halo. It better be good! lol ^^

Well anyway thatís my gibberings thanks for reading if you did... I wonder if they make sense... oh well

See ya!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

   The long awaited update!

Well I havent updated in what... 20 days!! Wow long time. Well I have been waiting for somthing that i can write about and guess what!!! I still dont have anything!!

Well anyway I have runined my resoloution already... I have spent.. lets see here I brough those boxsets... and those games... and lets not forget the other stuff!!! Yeah a good whopping 400 quid! Well it was worth it... *hugs his new giant pile of Anime games and other things*

Well I have brought, Nadesico boxset, cowboy bebop boxset and fruits basket boxset!! I just need to watch them now... however it seems like my DVD player is starting to break down on me so I need a new one... i have seen a good one for about 70 pounds... but I also wanna buy this digital camera so that I'm prepared when I go on holiday!! its 45 pounds which is great for a 5 megapixel camera! Oh yeah I have offically booked holiday! for 2 weeks in june!! Gonna have loads of fun and spend alot of money!! lol

Wow look at that gibberish I have written!!

See ya around!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   Happy new year all!!

How is everyone? I dont really have much to write about. But I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy new year ^^

I got mostly money for Christmas, a nice wedge of £250 which is rather tasty ^^ I better put that back into my savings account so I can buy plane tickets some time Jan/Feb for a holiday in June ^^

Yesterday we tested the wii on 4 players!! I only got hit twice! lol It was good fun playing with 4 people on bowling and tennis. Also red steel is a good multiplayer action.

So any what is everyones new years plan? and what is everyones new years resolution? ^^ Well mine is to spend less money buying pointless things and to use the money to travel on more holidays ^^

See ya all later ^^

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

   ... why is Christmas music do depressing?

Well I'm back at work again! Yep your right that really is all I do! Any way we have this MP3 Player going and it has alot of christmas songs... Only 2 or 3 of them are chirpy happy christmas songs!!! The rest is oh they are lonely at christmas!!! Its meant to be a happy time of year!

Well anyway i'm bored once again. I'm going out tonight to put my wii bowling skills to the test... yeah i better not take the remote with me huh... Well I have tomorrow off work which is gonna rule as I wil get to play more Wii!!! I need to get Zelda Finished... 2 Temples left I think. Which means only 9 heart peices left to find... But I'm gonna do it!!!

Anyway see ya'll later ya?

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

   Sunday work is boring...

Hi everyone, how is your day going? Well I'm really bored... but at least I got to sleep an extra hour and I get to go home 2 hours early as well. So Sundays do have there perks.

I'm hungry and tired... I told them there was no point opening Sundays but do they listen.. NOOOOO. Wow I've made enough to cover my pay for the day... worth while huh?

Well anyway on a more positive note the Wii is excellent! Zelda is a must have game, its the game everyone was expecting when they released Windwaker. Not saying windwaker was bad. Well the endless sailing was bad... but the levels and such where very good. But this game is perfect, they havenít made each place miles and miles away from each other so it takes ages to go anywhere. Also you get to ride Epona from the start! Even more of a time saver. Also you get to warp places. Itís much better in that way. No time wasting traveling too far. ^^

Well anyway I canít wait to get home and play some more ^^ I really need to play some boxing again as well. Need to build up my upper body strength lol XD

See ya all

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Monday, December 11, 2006

   Pod Cast 7.... Its rubbish

Thats right people, you once again get the chance to listen to mine and Wheelers very annoying voices as we begin our 7th Pod Cast... Its about the Wii.... Once again I'm sorry for it being so bad.

Please Be warned that the following Pod Cast conatins swearing and quite bluntly a pair of idiots with a microphone

Click here to Listen to the Pod Cast!!!!!!

This is the Morbo86 Mii:

This is the wheeler Mii: (it looks exactly like him!!! Its scary!)

And here are the final scores:

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Monday, December 4, 2006

   Getting my Wii on friday!!!!

WHOOP WHOOP!!! *runs around like a deranged maniac*

I just got a phone call from gamestation! They told me I have a wii for sure, and they offered me to pre-order games ^^ I of course chose the new Zelda game... ohhhh man that looks sweet. I also pre-ordered an extra controller and nun-chuck. Oh and a classic controller ^^ Cant not have one of those. But what makes me know that I'm an even bigger nerd that I thought, is that I am on the list to go at midnight to collect my console! Man that's nerdy I know, but I'll have the Wii and I will get play it. Go me! lol

Anyway that is all.

Enjoy yourself ^^ I gotta go and get some cash for this Wii and all those extra I brought.... Ohhhh my wallet is bleeding. XD

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

   Update day!!!

Finally! I have the chance to update. I always like to date in the morning during work time of course. Well I have been really busy sorting out that pig sty of a shop. I'm still not done. I need to get the damn returns sent off. Mucho busy. But to day I'm back in the old store for a day. And I'm kicking ass! also this shop has also become messier and not as wellrun eaither... damn I know after christmas I will have to remind people how its done...

Well anyway I have a slightly sick feeling this morning. Well the full story is: Last Monday one of my best mates also one of my fellow colleges, Father passed away. He is my age and now owns a house and all kinda resposibiltes... Yesterday was the funeral and Me and 2 other friend went along to suport him. He did a speach for his Dad and he did very well, everyone was proud of him, he didnt break down or anything. Then after that We all headed to the pub/wake that they was having. So that explains why i have a slight sick feeling... yeah the nasty finger food XD Oh and I look soooo good in a suit... kinda like james Bond only uglier and fatter XD

Ummm what else have i been doing... Not much really, watching Eva I'm on episode 18/19 now. I just watched a great episode. It was most bloody and violent ^^

Well anyway ^^ I'll be around posting comments and catching up with people. So give me a PM ^^

ďI've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.Ē

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