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Sunday, April 29, 2007

   Oh Good God I'm 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep itís that time of year again when one becomes older and supposedly wiser, but well it doesnít seem like I have become wiser ^^ i am still doing mostly the same kinda stuff I was doing when I was 18!! Drinking with friends, watching Anime and playing games.

^^ but well this past year has been great, I would go so far to say that it is the best year so far! I have met many nice people and I have found the perfect girl in the last 10 months. I love you Jackie ^^

The next I have is to make my work life a success as well and over the past week I have done just that. It was on Monday that I had a revelation and I now know what I am expected to do at work and how to make sure everything is done... its weird lol.

Well I'm off to drink and celebrate the rest of this horrible horrible day where I will realize exactly how old I am lol.

See ya later everyone!

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