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Friday, July 15, 2005

this thing is cool =^.^=

I love this thing its me as a witch =^.^=

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   Long first chapeter to a story I wrote please read it I promise its good and it has Full metal alchemist and Hellsing and Chrono crusade in it please comment on it too so I can post the second chapter

Full Hell Crusade

The meeting

It was dark over London the clouds shadow over turning the day into night. In a car not to far from the police station was two figures a boy and girl. The boy had long purple hair and carried a back pack full of ammo for the woman. The woman was a nun with blond hair caring a pistol with blessed bullets. She looked at her partner the boy and smiled.
“This should be an easy job from what I understand the demon is a small one,” she said.
The boy sighed then looked away and replied under his breath “That’s what you said about the last one and we ended up blowing up half of the block.”
“What was that Chrono?” she asked with an evil smile. He looked at her in fear and smiled.
“Nothing I said nothing ……. I think we should go now Rosette,” he quickly said while walking away from her. They entered the police station and saw that everyone had all ready evacuated. As they walked more into the station they felt the eerie silence down their backs. Chrono then sensed something and quickly looked behind him but nothing was there.
“That was weird I swore I felt someone behind us,” he said to himself. Rosette was about four feet away from him reaching the stairs and looked back at him. She then looked up the stairs and took one step. Suddenly a strong cold wind blew then vanished.
“OK maybe this isn’t an easy job after all.”
Chrono looked at her and walked over he gave a worried smile and said “I guess we should add this to your list now.”
“What list?”
“The list of buildings that you have destroyed.”
Rosette hit Chrono on the head and started up the stairs. As they walked up something caught Chrono’s eye outside one of the windows they passed. It was a quick flash of light like from a mirror. He stopped and tried to have a closer look but Rosette yelled out to him to hurry. Chrono left it be and walked up the last flight of steps.
Out side on top of a building lied a woman with her huge gun pointing at the window Chrono looked out of. She looked through the scope and saw Rosette too before they walked around the corner.
“There are two of them sir what should we do?” she asked her commander.
“Our duty in the Hellsing organization is to destroy the target. They are not the target but if they get possessed then we must go into action. Victoria?”
“Yes sir,” said the woman looking through the scope.
Back in the building Rosette kicked open another door and found nothing. Chrono opened the one next to the other room and found nothing too.
“Where could it be?” said Rosette in an annoyed tone. Suddenly another cold wind appeared and something passed by them over head. Chrono took a glimpse of it then looked at Rosette.
“It was a vampire.”
“A what!”
They then followed it and lost it down the hall. Rosette smiled and showed a scared face.
“I told you this was going to be an easy job.”
“If it’s so easy then why do you look so scared?” asked Chrono.
Rosette looked at him and showed a crazy scared smile.
“I’m not scared at all…….”
“I don’t believe you,” said Chrono.
They walked down the hall and tried to look through the darkness. Nothing could be seen but a pitch black. Chrono held on to Rosette’s nun dress so he wouldn’t lose her. He then sensed something again and looked around.
“Rosette its here I can feel it.”
Chrono looked harder into the darkness but found nothing.
“I don’t know,” he said.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW!” yelled Rosette in panic.
Chrono gave her a worried smile and said “Clam down.”
“I’M CALM!” she yelled.
Chrono then noticed two red eyes looking at them from above. The vampire pounced on Rosette and kicked Chrono in to the wall. Rosette screamed while trying to fight the vampire off. Chrono got up and quickly opened the pack and pulled out some holy water.
Out side looking through the scope at another window was Victoria.
“The target is attacking civilians,” she replied”
The commander started to say the Hellsing prayer.
“In the name of God all impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen.”
Victoria was about to take the shot but Chrono got in the way.
“I can’t take the shot sir.”
“Damn those two,” said the commander. “No matter he will deal with the target then.”
Victoria sat up and picked up her gun and turned and walked away with the commander. She looked back and with her vampire eyes looked at the two in the building fighting the vampire.
“I hope master gets there on time,” she said turning back leaving.
Chrono opened up the holy water and burned himself with it as he threw it at the vampire. The vampire jumped out of the way and landed on the wall. Rosette got up and started to shoot at it but the vampire bounced from wall to wall dodging the bullets. Rosette ran out of bullets and tried to reload while Chrono threw holy water at it. The vampire dogged it and jumped on Rosette again. It was about to bite her neck when a hand was forced into its back going threw its chest. It disincarnated in front of her leaving nothing ells but the hand. She looked at the hand’s owner and saw a man dressed in all red and black with sun glasses. He put his hand in his pocket and looked at them.
“Target is silenced,” he said.
He then turned around and started to walk away. Rosette stood up right and looked at him.
“Who are you?” asked Chrono.
The man stopped and looked back at him. He smiled showing his fangs and looked at Chrono’s hand.
“You better take care of that after all you are a devil,” said the man turning his head back and leaving. He disappeared into the darkness leaving them both speechless.
Chrono then broke the silence and looked at Rosette.
“Are you ok Rosette?”
“He’s from the Hellsing organization,” she said stunned.
“The what?”
Rosette looked at Chrono and looked at his hand.
“I’m fine your not we need to bandage you up.”
They left the building and saw the Hellsing military trucks drive by. Rosette looked for the man but he was no where to be found. They then got in their car and drove off. Chrono bandaged up his hand and looked at Rosette. She had a serious look on her face and didn’t speak at all.
“So what is this Hellsing organization and how did you know that guy belong to it?” asked Chrono.
Rosette was silent and showed a serious face. Chrono never saw this side of her before. He just assumed she didn’t want to be bothered and sat silent as well. Rosette recapped the pattern on the man’s glove in her head over and over. There was no mistake he was from the Hellsing organization.
The trucks returned to the Hellsing base and unloaded its crew of vampire hunters. Victoria hopped out of the truck and saw the man dressed in red standing with the head of the organization Integra Hellsing. She was speaking to him then she left while lighting a cigar. Victoria ran over to the man and smiled.
“So you saved them master?”
“Yes police girl I did but next time try to take the shot,” he replied.
“But I couldn’t that boy was in the way.”
“You’re a vampire too so use your senses next time,” he said walking away.
Victoria watched him as he walked away and said “Yes master Alucard.”
Rosette and Chrono returned to New York and went back to the monastery and relaxed in the meal hall. Rosette still had that serious look on her face while she ate. Chrono started to worry about her and wondered why she was so concerned with the Hellsing organization. He wanted to ask her again but he knew she wouldn’t answer him any way. Chrono just went back to eating his meal while Rosette sat next to him.
She then got up and left the hall to speak with Sister Kate the headmistress of the Magdalan order. As she walked up to Sister Kate’s office Rosette heard some voices. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Father Remington opened the door.
“Oh Roesette how convenient we were going to get you,” he said letting her in the room. As she walked in Rosette noticed a blond haired boy and a huge metal armor with him.
“Sister Rosette how was your visit to London?” asked Sister Kate.
“I want to talk to you about that,” said Rosette in an irritated tone.
Sister Kate folded her hands and looked at Rosette. “It’s about the Hellsing origination. We know all about it, we were support to stay out of their district but the police called for our order for some reason,” said Sister Kate. She then changed the subject before Rosette opened her mouth again.
“Rosette these are the Alchemist that will be working with you on your next assignment. This is Edward Elric and his little brother Alphonse Elric. They were sent to look for a something. Apparently there have been some problems in London many people have suddenly disappeared.”
“What does that have to do with the Magdalan order? Isn’t that something the police should handle?” said Rosette.
“Well you see apparently the people that have been missing all have something in common. They were all Satanists,” replied Edward.
The room was silent for a moment. Rosette then walked over to the huge armor man and put out her hand.
“I’ll help you out Edward,” she said.
Al slowly looked over at Ed and saw him fill up with rage.
“HES NOT ED I’M ED!” yelled Edward.
Rosette looked at him then laughed out loud. “You’re joking right?” she laughed.
Edward filled up with more rage then lashed out on Rosette.
Rosette got silent then filled up with rage as well and lashed back out at him. “LOOK WHO’S TALKING YOU IS A BLOND TO! IT WAS A MISTAKE SO RELAX!”
Al tried to calm them both down but it was no use. Sister Kate then got annoyed and slammed her hands down on her desk.
They shut up and looked at Sister Kate in fear. Then they gave each other nasty looks and turned away crossing their arms.
“Idiot,” said Rosette.
“Stupid nun,” said Edward. They then looked at each other again.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” they both said in unison.
“ROSETTE!” yelled Sister Kate. Rosette looked at the headmistress and gave a nervous smile.
“As for the Hellsing organization you are to work with them. You are to report to Sir Integra Hellsing for your order is that understood?” said Sister Kate.
“The Hellsing organization?” said Rosette in surprise.
Father Remington put his hand on her shoulder and smiled. Rosette looked at him.
“You better get Chrono and leave,” he said.
She nodded her head and left the room with Edward and Al. Sister Kate showed a worried face she knew nothing was going to work out between the Hellsing organization and Rosette. Rosette got Chrono and Azmaria and said good bye to the others and left with the alchemists to London.

…......... to be continued

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005


SUMMER IS HERE! GRADUATION IS CLOSE BY AND THE COLLEGE! Slowly takeing that step closer to become a real animator =^.^= I just cant wait to prove all those people wrong and show that I can do it. I guess its all pride but its also spirit too.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gundam seed destiny

Ok I just got hooked on Gundam seed again, but I never knew there was a part 2. There is this one guy I like on it besides the sexy Kira and Athurn. Ok maybe there is two guys I like one is Shin and the other guy is Auel.


Auel is on the bottom he has light blue hair =^.^=

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Friday, May 20, 2005

   =O.O= its another weird stupid play thing




may have violence and bad language don't say I didn't warn you =>.<=

characters: (me) (lee lee)

:We sit in the house:

Hay lee how did you get in to the fire thing any way?=o.O=
:lee lee look at me like I'm stupid:

Um HELLO I'M LEE LEE. How stupid can you be. o_o

=O.O= that wasn't a answer....
:lee lee turns her head and acts like I'm not there:

:manny walks in:

How come I have a feeling like I shouldn't be here.....O_O


:we give each other the evil eye then power up. manny steps back:

O_O ok this is not good....
:lee lee powers up her fire balls while I power up my dark energy:


:manny gets in the middel:

Girls there is no need to fight we can talk this out...
:we look at each other then at manny:

Why are you in our business? =o.O=

Ya manny you got beef to we can go at it.

No your missing the point >_<

O now we're stupid

You calling people stupid now manny! >_<

No you got it all wrong! DIS-RA-SPECT I SAY NYAAAAAAAAAAAA!
:we turn all our anger at manny and blast him to nothing. The dust clears and hes gone:

=^.^= Lee lets never fight ever again.

^_^ ok mooshy
:we hug then go out to drink:

Ok thats the play I hope it was ok

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   mwahahahahahahahaha i hope it worked =O.O=

OK I just want to say THANK YOU! To the people who visit and became my evil friends on this site. I know I havent been here long but thanks any way =^.^=
There will be more crazy plays comeing soon I just have to type them lol =@.@= they are to crazy.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OMG its a post of sexy red heads GO Kenshin Go Tasuki XD


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

=O.O= another poem time

I’m a bad person

I stole your heart
Now you can’t stand me
I love you more and more
You grow to hate me
You lied
I stayed
It is wrong for us to be
I don’t care
But your heart is cold to me
I love you so
You love me and her
Set me free
You will not do because you love me too
I’m taken
You don’t care but still
Your heart is unclear
Love me or not
Let me know
If you love me then tell me so.
You cant it’s to hard
Then set me free
So it won’t be hard
But then we kiss and it starts all over again.

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Poem time =^.^=

The Other

There are times when I cry
When I bleed
And want to die.
These are only a part of me.
The other side is dark
Strong and deep
You can’t see me for whom
Or what I am
There are times when I kill
When I scream
And when I take out my duties.
This other me is who I want to be
Forget the love
The joy
The friendship and caring
I rather be an empty soul
This is the other me
The soul I always wanted to be.
So set me free
Bring me to life in another body
Set me free as the other me.
I wish to be hated
To be unwanted
To be feared and left alone
This other side wishes to be free
And I wish to set it free.
It’s sad you say
Sorry but it is true
This other me is inside
You too.

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

ACT 2 Play of stupid weird people

WARNING: Might have bad language and violence =O.O= I warned you and yet still you read oh well Characters: (me): (lee lee): (yesenia): (reese)
LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! =^.^= :Yesenia sit in the park alone: I am so unloved ............. I HATE YOU ZEE! Why did you have to yell at me like that? :me and lee lee show up finding yesenia yelling at nothing: FUCK YOU ZEE WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME!? I HATE YOU! AND YET............I STILL LOVE YOU.......DAMN YOU ZEE I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL! =O.O= O.................k are you ok cuz who must I kill? O_O You want me to burn someone? :we both get close in her face with insane looks and smiles: Its ok I can deal with that fucker another day :she backs away from usthen starts to cry: (crying) I HATE YOU ZEE! O_O You want me to go stab that bitch now I don't mind doing it O_O =O.O= ok lee your scarying me now :Yesenia is still crying while i give lee lee a weird look as she plays with a fire ball: (playing with fire ball) ^_^ its so pretty :yesenia gets in my face and gives a scary insane smile: moo moo you know any spells you can give me so I can give zee a quick and silent death =^.^= Well all you need is HAY WAIT WHAT AM I DOING? =>.<= NO I'M NOT GIVEING YOU A SPELL! =O.O= you to crazy now. FUCK YOU THEN! >_< I MUST KILL SOMEONE! O_O she even scared me a minute there (looks at fire ball) PRETTY! ^_^ :lee lee plays with the fire again) >_< ITS NOT RIGHT MOO MOO YOU PUT SPELLS ON REESE WHEN HE GETS ON YOUR NERVES! :I look around hopeing no one heard yesenia and pretend she never said a thing: I have no idea what your talking about HAhaHAhaaaaaaa I'm so ashamed (puts head down in shame) :lee lee still playing with fire then sets tree in the park on fire by mistake: O_O oops :me and yesenia dont notice because yesenia still wants me to give her a spell: PLEASE! no! =>.<= :I pull out katana and hold the blade point at yesenia's throat: STOP ASKING ME OR I'LL KILL YOU! Well I'll tell reese that your BIG SEACRET. ^_^ =O.O= now you must die :lee lee is trying to put out the fire but it just get bigger: O_O fuck it wont go down....... :I hold the katana closer to yesenias throat she pulls out her spear and smiles: I'm going to not only tell him but show it to! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! =O.O= you can't tell if your dead :reese appears:
^_^ yo :lee lee acts like nothing happened as the park burns: Speak of the devil look who the fuck is here =O.O= REESE RUN!
O_O why? :yesenia pulls out a video tape and and a TV shows up in the burning park: Look at this =>.<= NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :yesenia puts the tape in: (the film) :park still burning:
O_O O_O wow you can flip mwahahahahahahaha! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! =>.<=
If you think thats bad look at this ^_^ :reese pulls out a video and puts it in:
^_^ I hit her by mistake (film) :I punch reese: DAMN YOU! =>.<=
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE YOU! :The park is still on fire and then I feel bad and chase after reese: I LOVE YOU TO HUBBY! (running)
END OF ACT 2 (Hope you liked it please comment =^.^=) STAY EVIL!

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