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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Poem time =^.^=

The Other

There are times when I cry
When I bleed
And want to die.
These are only a part of me.
The other side is dark
Strong and deep
You canít see me for whom
Or what I am
There are times when I kill
When I scream
And when I take out my duties.
This other me is who I want to be
Forget the love
The joy
The friendship and caring
I rather be an empty soul
This is the other me
The soul I always wanted to be.
So set me free
Bring me to life in another body
Set me free as the other me.
I wish to be hated
To be unwanted
To be feared and left alone
This other side wishes to be free
And I wish to set it free.
Itís sad you say
Sorry but it is true
This other me is inside
You too.

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