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Wednesday, November 2, 2005


HAY ALL! My internet went gay on me but now it works. I Hope u all had a great halloween. My Hubby took me to see SAW II =@.@= Its a good movie u have to go see it. Oh while we were wlaking down south street (a popular street in philly with cool stuff) we saw this on one of the walls XD
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
PHILLY LOVES NARUTO SO MUCH THEY MADE A MURAL OF HIM XD OMG ITS SOOOOOOOOOO COOL. =<.<= but who ever drew it needs help in drawing a lil I think =@.@= Well I'm off to see all ur sites =^.^=
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Monday, October 31, 2005

   Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy all Hallows eve to you all be safe and may the goddess protect you all as you go out and have fun toady =^.^= Its my ani today SO I KNOW I WILL HAVE LOTS OF FUN! =^.^= Oh and I'm sorry for who ever lives in New Jersey -_- I heard the kids can't gop out trick or treating cause the govener said so. =>.<= I'M SORRY FOR YOU! wELL ANY WAYS HAVE FUN AND MAY THE GODESS BLESS YOU ALL! =^.^=

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Sunday, October 30, 2005


OMG I just cant wait for hallowenn but to us pagans its all hallows eve =^.^= One I'm going to see Saw II and two its my pagan ani with my hubby =^.^= and three I'm going to a bunch of parties! =@.@= so much to do in one day. Well I'm planing on makeing another myotaku site and theme it all Gaara cause u all know I love Kenshin and Gaara =^.^= BUT! I'll be on this site more =@.@= cause its my evil home =^.^=
Oh I went to my lil cuz B-day the other day shes one years old now. So young so evil =^.^= The weird thing was we all drank alot of beer and stuff =@.@= Me and my hunny were in the basement throwing darts and he kept on wobbling cause he was drunk XD. he can't take drinks that well as me XD =<.<= But I still love that nerd =^.^= Well I hope all of u are haveing a great day bye!

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Friday, October 28, 2005

   Its friday whoop whoop =^.^=

Hi everyone Yep I changed my site again its back to kenshin once more. *blush* O Kenshin how much I love thee *Kisses kenshin and protects him from fan girls* Touch him and you die same goes for my Gaara too. I let go to many cute anime guys and no one is takeing my KENSHIN OR GAARA! *breaths heavy and pulls out katana then licks it* If u do then u die =O.O= That even goes for my sis too never will my kenshin be hers KEEP UR BAKURA AND LEAE MY KENSHIN ALONE ALI! =O.O= sorry I got all crazy again. *puts katana away* well any way its almost the weekend and that means halloween parties and stuff like crazy killing and things =<.<= My baby cuz is going to be 1 on saturday =^.^= I got her a bunch of cute baby stuff from china town XD. I'm gonna make her into a anime freak too. XD OTAKUS SHALL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY! =O.O= yes kit was another girtit thing lol. Well I'm off to go do stuff and clean again =^.^= I hope you all have a great evil weekend.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Like my new banner signature thingy =^.^= I made it so its going to be at the end of all my post now he he *blush* Kenshin.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

   A fucking A-

Hi everyone I wa in my writing class earlier but now its my lunch break. I got a A- on my paper XD. Its a good thing cause I just did it in class today and my teacher was like OMG MELISSA THIS IS A GREAT PAPER. =>.>= It was done in a few minutes and I got a A- now thats what I call skills. LOL Well halloween is comeing soon I hope you all are going to party the night away. I know I am my college is haveing a halloween party =^.^=. I might be everywhere this Halloween just showing up in weird parties and maybe go see SAW II in the movies XD. I haven't seen part one yet but I want to see part two now. =@.@= It looks carzy I must go see it. OH! If any of you didn't know I'm a pagan (witch) and I'm married in pagan =^.^= Halloween is my wedding aniversery <----- Ok i spelled it wrong but who cares! =O.O= I dont XD lol Yes I'm hyper for no reason. well I'm off to visit ppl before class starts and stuff.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I found 20 bucks in my pocket =O.O=

Hay all my evil ppl. I'm doing a lil better today just stress passing my old dark ways are comeing back to normal. I dont mind being dark I just mind stress. I found money in my evil pocket today =^.^= Now I can go spend it on stuff I don't need lol. I named my pet dragon today his name is Saki. =O.o= oh and yes I have a dragon puppet that is so fucking cool he sits on my evil shoulder and u can make is head move to look like hes alive. I scared some lil kids with him today mwahahahahhahahahahhahha. =>.>= I'm almost done cleaning my room and I have hoemwork to do but as u all know I'm evil lazy XD. Oh well things happen and stuff with the blood and the bacon with the dead and the swiming. U all know what I mean =O.O= lol I'm going insane again lol GIRTIT! OK I'M DONE!


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Monday, October 24, 2005

   =O.O= hi

I been depressed lately. My college work has finaly got to me and my family life is a lil crazy =>.<= I hate my english teacher and I haven't been sleeping well. Non the less I still go to school and try to look happy when I'm really sad. The seasons are changing and I'm getting darker and darker by the day. I want all hell to brake lose and darkness to take over my soul, but then I remember I'm still human and that no matter what I will end up with that small bit of light again. =@.@= I need to rest and I need to get a new job and to find the 300 dallors I lost in the bank. Dont ask me how I lost it cause I never even took it out and its in a saveings account. -_- I'm just so depressed but I hope u all are doing well. I skipped out on writing class again no suprise. I just cant learn in that class the teacher is teaching stupid basic stuff. -_- but I dont matter.

may u all have a great evil day

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

   I really dont want to be here

I'm in my gay ass writeing class. -_- Yep I finally went back to it. My teacher is an ass fuck I hate him so much. Well not really him I hate his teaching ideas and the stupid pappers he makes us write. I'm not even really doing my papper in class I do it at home and hes not even checking it. GOD I HATE THIS CLASS! Well I better look like I'm working bye all.

Have a great evil day

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


HI I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HYPER AND LOUD TODAY! ITS LOUD AND HYPER DAY YAY! =O.O= yep that was a real girtit. So ya I'm bored I'm gonna go visit ppl sites soon. I have two lil flies in my room cause someone keeps leaving a window open to let them in =>.<= DIE FLY DIE! *throws bomb in room and it blows up but the fly and its twin just flip me off and fly away* STUPID BUGS! I love them but they are getting on my nevers now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. O I went to school finaly lol. So many ppl missed me too =<.<= I'm like popular for once. LOL as if.
I have to pack up the stuff in my room soon so I can bring in new evil stuff to put all my anime on =^.^= evil is good for the soul ummmmmmmmm evil *drool* lol I have probs =@.@= ok I'm typeing to much well I'm off to kill and draw and be loud and cause pain mwahahahahahahahahaha ummmmmmmmmmmmmm pain *drool*


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Monday, October 17, 2005

I add post now XD

GOOD EVIL MORNING TO U ALL =@.@= I skipped my gay writeing class again =>.>= all we ever do is type at the computer so I figured that I stay home and do that, but dont worry I'm working on my 2D homework cause I didn't do it the other day. =<.<= Ali don't get mad with me its just my english teacher sux ass -_- =O.o= and I think he might really do that in real life too. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW OK THAT WAS TOOOOOOOOO NASTY FOR ME TO SAY XD. O well =>.>= I'm bored right now and stuff my homework sucks ass too. =<.<= but i gots to do it. Well I'm off tp do my evil thing and stuff so sayonara.


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