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Thursday, May 5, 2005

This is a play with some weird characters =O.O=

WARNING: may have bad language and violence don't say I didn't warn you people =O.O= characters: (me) (lee lee) (manny) (Terrance) (random thing)
LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED =^.^= Act 1 :manny comes in with his stupid smile: O broda its going to be a happy day ^_^ :me come in with bad attitude: OH MY FUCKING GOD I WANT EVERYTHING TO BURN! =>.<= O_O Whats the matter? :looks at manny with evil eye: YOU SHUT THE HELL UP! :lee lee just appear out of thin air: DId someone say fire? I like fire it burns things ^_^ I WANT EVERYTHING TO BURN AND MANNY WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP! =>.<= :lee lee hits manny: What I tell you about messing with moomoo? Do you want to burn alive? >_< no I don't want to burn! NOW YOU SAYING SHIT TO ME TO! HELL NO WE CAN GO AT THIS! :lee lee gets pissed off: I'LL BURN YOU MUTHA FUCKER! DIS-RA-SPECT >_< No one listen to me :i get mad then creat dark flame balls: I said TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! =>.<= :Terrance walks in: Whats going on? MANNY IS BEING AN ASS! NOW HE SHALL BURN MWAHAHAHAHAHAH! YES HE SHALL BURN MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! What he do? I DID NOTHING I SAY >_< ITS ALL DIS-RA-SPECT! NYYYYYYAAAAAAAAA :Terrance tugs on my shirt and talks like child: moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo what what what what what u u u u u mad about? I LOST THAT STUPID BIRD AGAIN! =>.<= :Terrance pulls out chocobo from behind him: This bird? O_O :lee lee beats up on manny while I hug Terrance and take the chocobo: THANK YOU TERRANCE! =^.^= No prob ^_^ :manny screaming for help. but lee lee pulled out her knife and cut his throat then stabs him 100 times. Shen writes her name on the walls in his blood and laughs: HES FINALY DEAD MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! =O.O= shit lee lee uyou were mad O_O wow........... I want to write my name in blood too ^_^ O_O what don't look at me like that he owed me money :dead manny last words: DIS-RA-SPECT............ X_X Ok I'm hungry lets go out =^.^= :lee lee and terrance clean up and we go out to eat: END OF ACT 1 (ok people let me know what you think oh ya manny is going to come back don't worry =^.^=)

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Ok well what now?

Ok I'm lost and I need people to tell me what i can do with this site I have a story planed to put but its going to be a while before I put it ok well give me a hint PEOPLE!

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