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I am Mimi-Mako!!
First off I love vampires!!!
My best friend and manga editor is Trey-Chan!!
Feel free to visit her site as well!!
A few of my hobbies are danceing, which I love the rush!! The rush of being on stange and prefoming!! It's amazing!!
I enjoy playing guitar on my free time, but I dont have enough money to buy any tabs so I'm on my own with that.
Playing video games is another one of my hobbies!! I'm a rough player!! So far I've broken three controlers. My favrote games are Devil May Cry series, Tales of series, Star Ocean.
I'm also a huge yaoi fan!! Yaoi rocks!! What could be better than watching hot guys score with eachother?
My favrote anime is Samurai X.
I am currently working on a four part book series that is about vampires.
It's going to be published around the year 2010.
Oh, and dont forget to look at my little sister's site. Her name is Hippie25...I think.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

   I'M SORRY!!!

I'm so sorry I havent been on lately...
for like the past three weeks.

Let's just say my world is going crazy.

In a good way.

Okay, I still dont have an escort to Trey-Chan's sweet sixteen, I asked Eggroll, but he refused.

So far I'm thinking about asking this boy, his name is Jordan, but I think I'll call him Calcifer, only because that seems to be his fav. anime character. Calcifer like so to play with me. Like my hair, my back, places like that. Some people have even mistaken us for being boyfriend and girlfriend.
Then there is there is another guy, his name is Ben, but we will call him Gaara. Mostly because his personality is exacally like Gaara, I like him, he's cool.
Both are jounirs.
There is this other guy, his name is some thing like Cyleb. He is a senor.
He is really pretty, and has long brown hair. I doubt I will ask him, but just in case.


See ya!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

   Happy Friday!!!

Yes, it is friday, finally!

Tommorow a bunch of friends are coming over, for my birthday. I wish Teddy could come, but he's a boy and my daddy wont let me invite him.
I cant belive I'm going to turn sixteen. It feels awsome!!
Also, on monday Xiao and I are going to have a private session, as my b-day prestent. Okay, well maybe not private, but close. For those of you that dont know, Xiao is a manwhore. Litterally. Which is kindof strange, cause he is a few years younger than me.

I'm beginning to feel strange around Kyo. I'm afraid that he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend. Now that we are alone togeather for such a long peroid of time every day. Last year, Teddy was always with us during lunch, now it's just me and him.
I'm afraid of that, if that does happen and we brake up, then I'm afraid that will also end our friendship. Like my last relashionship.


Oh, I played Yu-Gi-Oh again.
With Nicole during dance class. She won...again.

She says that I serisoully need to fix up my deck and that Pedro messed it up.

Also yesteday at Ramen Pride, this guy asked me to rape him...i said yes...it was funny.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sorry if I havent been on for like the past two or three days.
It's just that things have gone a little crazy around here.

Well, first off, my birthday is saterday, so, I'm going to invite a few friends. We are going to have a sleep over, it's going to be so much fun!
I'm going to see Trey-Chan! Yay!
I wish she didnt live so far away...

Also, I started to play Yu-Gi-Oh agian. It is so much fun!!
Also, this boy took my deck so he could add and take away a few cards. He did an awsome job!!! All for free too, he gave me some of his cards! I really have to do something for him. The thing is...I dont even know his name.

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