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Monday, September 10, 2007

   I feel better!

Yes, I feel much better than I did friday.
I'm not sick anymore...then again, I have to run the track tommorrow. Lol. I hope my body only needed one trial for it to adapt to it.

Oh, I'm thinking of dropping my honors english. It's just to hard!
He is giving us all this work, and with history fair comming up, I just cant do it all!!
So, I'm going to drop it. Poor Teddy, he was my history fair partner, and now he will have to do it all on his lonesome.
This means I better get him something awsome for his birthday next week, to make him feel better. Sadly I havent told him yet. He is going to be so sad...

If I drop the class, I'll get Kyo in the class. Which I dont mind, I like talking to him...I think I do...I would take another step in our relashionship, but to be honest, I'm scared. Mostly because of what happend with my ex, I dont want to lose our friendship. That is why I'm scared. Yet, when I'm around Kyo, I can feel his essecence change, like...you know how you can tell if another person likes you. Well, I get that vibe from him.

Then there is Josh....he is so nice to me, the only boy that is active in my church that talks to me. Then agian, he talks to everyone...I dont even know him that well...

Sigh...I dont know what to do...all I know is that I have the feeling that before the end of this year, I will have a boyfriend. Whather it be Kyo or Josh...or maybe Cris...I dont know...

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Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm sick.
So, I didnt have to go to school or wake up at 5.
I think it's because I ran the track yesterday, and havent taken my asthma medication for three months. My mom said that she is going to go to CVS to pick up some of my medication.
Now, I'm sick.

Yesterday was the first Ramen Pride meeting.
Angel, and Ari (my ninja minons) went to the meeteing. Inculdeing them there was four new freshmen.
The other two are Levi and Cris.
It was really funny, I told Cris he was hot, and so now he is caption minon.
Then once I found out that Levi's nails are exaclly like mine, I told him I loved him.
Then he said he had a girl friend...I didnt think that he would take it seroislly. LOL!
Oh, also, we had to wright down our like 5 fav. anime we would like to see in the club.
I put:
Prince of Tennis
Yami no Matusrei
Then, once the offericers read my stuff, I got hugged by every girl offercier. It was kind of weird.
While we were watching Get Backers, one of them showed me the manga Gakuen Heaven. It was AWSOME!!!
I didnt read the manga, just the yaoi sceans.
It rocked, I think that will be my new theme.

Well, I'm off to sleep.
Not feeling to well...
Ja ne.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

   I'm SLEEPY!!!

I'm sleepy!
Everyday there is school I have to wake up at five in the morning it sucks.
so, I'm tired...

Tomorrow we get to run the track in dance class, I like running!

Also, I want to change my theme, anyone got any suggestions?

So, that is all for now, cuz I got tagged like friday and so here are the things:

1. My fav. color is red

2. I'm really tiny

3. I like converse

4. My fav. pocky is strawberry

5. Hippy25 is my sister

6. Bever2134 is my cosin

7. I want to sleep...

8. I dont drink milk.

Anyone that wants to be tagged go for it, I dont feel like tagging right now...so, yeah...

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Friday, August 31, 2007

   Nooo!! My talons!!!

First off, I have been de-clawed...

I have like three inch long nails, but becuase they were getting in the way of my guitar playing, I hand to cut off all the ones on my left hand. So now I look lopsided or something. I miss my long nails...It feels strange...I dont like it...GAH!! I'm going to die!!

Also, now all my friends ride the buss with me again. Which makes me happy. Last year I was all by myself when it was time for my stop. Now there are a lot more people that ride. It makes me happy. In the mornings we are like the loudest people in the bus, LOL. It really wakes me up from wakeing up so eairly.

This one guy from the church thing goes to my school. He is the only one that really talks to me. I remember when he was little, and we were separte because there is such an age diffrence. Errr...I thought, he is only a year younger than me. I'm actally surprised that he talked to me, he is like the most holy upper youth, and I'm well...the bad church girl.
Strange...I think I'm starting to like this guy...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sorry if I have'nt been on lately...err...rather the past couple of weeks.
Things have just been so busy!!!
You know, with school starting up again and stuff like that.

Okay, well, now every day that there is school is chuch school. It starts a 5:55 a.m. Which sucks that I have to wake up that eairly, but oh well...
Oh, guitar class is so freaking fun!
Also, I got into Fason class too!! Which rocks!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   E. Coli

The water supply in my town is ifected with E.Coli.
So, we arent suppsoed to take showers, bursh our teeth, or wash dishes.
My house doesnt have a water purifier, so if we want to drink tap water we have to boil it first. Also this means no ice eirther. Which sucks. Cause it's summer, and we live in Texas so...it gets really really hot.
I just got back from the H-E-B, we bought 12 gallons of water. So far I dont have any sypmtoms of E.Coli, but Hippy on the other hand might have it. Poor Hippy.

Tommorrow I have to go to school. It's oranation day for the freshman. I'm not a fresman, but Hippy is, so I have to come along to show her around. Also, I'll be able to show her all her classes.

Yesterday I fell while playing paper hocky at church, and scraped my knee. Now I have on three band-aids, it wasnt bleeding, but the skin was just kindof peeled off. So, my jeans were creating friction against it, and it was beging to burn.

I hope it heals by Friday. A bunch of my friends and I are going to go bowling. I havent gone bowling in like years. I cant wait. Also Friday I get another hair cut. I'm thinking of getting the tips of my hair bleached, but I'm not so sure yet.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I've changed my theme to Sukisho, cuz I just finished the anime. If you havent seen it I highly recomend it, it's really cute!!!!

I'm really bored right now, my mommy just took me to the game/video reantal store, and I checked out the game Vykire Profile, I havent played it yet, and I dont think that is how to spell it. Lol!!

Oh, yesterday I found out that in Japan they have a naked man festival!!! I want to go, it looks so much fun! Naked men...Lol!
Lately I've been really into japanese visual kei bands. You know, like Mucc, An Cafe, and Alice Nine. They are so pretty!!!!
I dont care if i dont understand what they are saying, they are just so cute!!!

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Monday, August 6, 2007


Friday night Trey-Chan came over and spent the night. It was really fun! She is my editor, so she edits all the manga I write and draw. Sadly she lives in another school district so we never can really see each other. She was editing the yaoi...errr...shonen-ai manga I've been working on. It was really fun!!!

We woke up in the middle of the night, and I was confused about stuff. So we decided to look up the word 'sex' in the medical dictionary. To our suprise it's not there. The word 'sex' and or the word 'sexual intercorse' is not in the medical dictionary. Strange right?

Then we fell asleep again, when we woke up the movie Bambi II was playing on T.V. We saw it, then made some weired senrio, that Flower is gay for Thumpper. In the first movie Flower only got a girl because he didnt want to dishonor his family by being gay, or something like that. Also, who else out there thinks that if Bambi's father was a human that he would be hot? I think so.

Then my daddy took all of us to go see the Simpsons movie. Which if you havent seen it, it's a dirty, dirty movie. LOL! I mean, it has these two cop guys making out and stuff!!!

Then sunday after church we went to Bever's house for some BBQ. We watched Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. Then we played Soul Caliber III. He wanted a rematch from last time, cause I beat him. Then this time I beat him 22 times, and he beat me 7. LOL!

After that him and Hippy played Halo 2, which made us realize that Hippy is more of a noOb than we thought she was.

We also were thinking of a way to seak in Bever to the anime covention. Since it is this month. Any suggesetions??

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Thursday, August 2, 2007


A lot of your comments asked if I went to a catholic or a relgious school. I dont ^^. I go to a rat infested public school. Yet, they offer bible class. I know, strange.
Anyway, I got my classes changed. You see I didnt want to take Dance 2. Only because at the end of the year Dance 2 students have to preform solos, we pick our own song, make our own choriograpy, and costume. However my mommy told me that if I take that class she'll get me an mp3 player or an ipod. So of course I'm taking that class.
This means I have one class of all girls (dance) and one class of all guys (guitar). So this is going to be an intresting year. Hopefully I wont get sexually harrassed to much this year.

In other news, tomorrow Trey-Chan is going to spend the night!!! YAY!!!

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Monday, July 30, 2007


A few days ago I got a letter from my high school. It had all the classes I was going to take, however, it hand Dance 1 on there. I already passed Dance 1, so on the 2nd of August I have to go to school and talk to my counsler to change the class.
Now I only need half a year of any phsicall class, so I'm thinking of just taking gym for half a year, the next half taking...ummm...bible maybe? It's the only avilible half year class I havent taken yet.

Oh, does anyone out there have a gaia? On gaiaonline.com if so, I wouldnt mind adding you to my friends list. My name, of course is Mimi-Mako.

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