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Thursday, October 4, 2007

   I'M SORRY!!!
I'm so sorry I havent been on lately...
for like the past three weeks.

Let's just say my world is going crazy.

In a good way.

Okay, I still dont have an escort to Trey-Chan's sweet sixteen, I asked Eggroll, but he refused.

So far I'm thinking about asking this boy, his name is Jordan, but I think I'll call him Calcifer, only because that seems to be his fav. anime character. Calcifer like so to play with me. Like my hair, my back, places like that. Some people have even mistaken us for being boyfriend and girlfriend.
Then there is there is another guy, his name is Ben, but we will call him Gaara. Mostly because his personality is exacally like Gaara, I like him, he's cool.
Both are jounirs.
There is this other guy, his name is some thing like Cyleb. He is a senor.
He is really pretty, and has long brown hair. I doubt I will ask him, but just in case.


See ya!

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