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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lets Move On...

Well, I don't have really a lot to
say... I went to El Parian night with
Adrian and Kayla. I danced some...
ate some food... the norm. I am sooo
happy I got to dance with Adrian...
he is just sooo adorable... I really
hope he is not gay... :(

Well, if he is then I guess I will
get over it... hmm... I wonder why??
Well, I have been flirting with this
guy that goes to the same college as
me. Well, I was sitting with my friends
and everytime he passes by I just have
to look at him once. Well, he has
smiled at me before, but today it
was a really, full on smile! I blushed
haha! My friends knew I was blushing.
I mean... this guy is HOTT!!... and
he can sing!! *melts in chair*

The only problem is that... my parents
would NOT approve... because he is a
black guy... =( but... it IS my life
and if my heart wants him then I
cannot stop myself. Well, my friend
Janine didn't think that the smile was
all that serious. Well, he was leaving
the caf... but he was waiting on
someone. So, I glimpsed up to look
at him again, and he looked directly
at me and gave me the biggest smile
EVER!!! Janine saw him and she was
amazed!! She was like... dang! That
was intense!! hahaha... who knows
what will happen. All I know is that
I am letting go of my past boyfriends
...they don't even matter...

Well, me and my roommate have been
having problems. I was in the room
trying to study for a huge test...
and she wouldn't turn her computer
volume down. I got sooo pissed...
and she knew that. And she posted
that she was going to go to bed soon
so I would have had to go somewhere
else anyways... HA!! I don't HAVE to
go anywhere... I was only 10:30!!!
If I wanted to stay in the room
with the light on... I would have.
I don't have to conform to your
schedule... it is my room too!!!
But we got in an arguement last
night... about that and some
other stuff. I just wish we
could get along... but... I
don't think that will happen...
It's actually pretty sad...

Well, that is all I have...
really. I will try to post
soon... but I will be busy
for the rest of the week...
PBL stuff going on... yeah
I'll post later... :D

Amigos vengan y amigos fueron...
es parte de la vida...
todo cambio... siempre cambio...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   Change Is Constant

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in
a few days... sorry. My week has been
sooo long already... and it's only
Tuesday! The weekend only seemed like
1 day! Well, today started out crappy.
I got into an argument with my roommate.
That was so stupid... I guess some
people never change...

I had to take some assessment tests
today. They sucked so much. Oh, and I
finally declared my majors! (Marketing
and Spanish). So, when I graduate I
will have a Bachelor of Science and
Bachelor of Arts degree!! I actually
didn't get to eat lunch until a little
after 2 today. I had an important
meeting and all those tests!

On top of all of that, we had some
huge storms come through Arkansas
tonight! I think they have already
confirmed 6 people dead and several
others are missing... hmmm... I
wonder where they could have gone...
I got really scared because a tornado
actually hit Memphis. My sister lives
and works over there and her company's
warehouses were hit by a tornado. One
of them collapsed, the other one
caught on fire, and it hit on
one side of the building she works
in. I am just glad that all of my
friends and family are ok!!

I was sitting here in my room when
my roommate told me that she is
going to be rooming with another
friend next year. Yeah, I was a
little pissed off because she
didn't tell me sooner... but it is
ok because karma comes back
around... Besides, I am going to
find one of my upperclass friends
and ask them if I can room with
them so I can automatically be
in McLean hall... jeje.

As far as my roommate (and good
friend) goes... she can do
whatever she wants! I am tired
of trying to make things work.
If she feels the need for a new
roommate then... hey... things
change. But enough about stupid
things like that... I just hope
I get to go to the movies with
my friend Kayla this weekend. I
want to go to a club this weekend,
but I don't know if my friends
are going to go this weekend
or not...

Well, I guess that is about all
the updating for now. If anyone
gets offended by this message then
all I have to say is "suck it"...
or how about... "bite me"...
I am going to end all the fighting
because I really don't like dealing
with unnessesary drama... So, I am
going now... chaito!

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