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Monday, January 28, 2008


Hola Amigos!! This week has just
begun and I am already exhausted!!
Well, last night me and some rooms
had a nail party... where we did
our nails and crap. That lasted
until midnight! Then my roommate
(Mercury Dragon) suggested we go to
walmart because she needed to get
some things. Well, I thought that we
would just be in there for a few min...
we spent almost an hour in there. Then
I got back here and had to get ready
for bed. Long story short, I didn't
get to bed until 2 this morning!!
Then I got up at around 6:30 to get a
shower and go eat some breakfast
(because I knew I would need it to
stay awake). My first class doesn't
start until 9... yeah I could have
slept a little bit longer... but I

Well, today's classes went by pretty
fast. I just want to go to sleep right
now. I have got to go get some books
from the library for my research paper
:S I finally got my application filled
out for the Jr. Recruiter job. The lady
told me that I need to be prepared to
give some info about the campus... so
I have to look over some of that stuff
in the next two days. I also have to
get in contact with the schools before Thursday... YIKES! I hate deadlines...

Hmmm... well I know today isn't over
yet... but I really gotta go and get
some books before the library closes!
Talk to you guys later! ChAiTo!!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   Great Weekend!!

Well, I have been hanging out with
a lot of my friends this weekend
(like always). Last night I didn't
do much, I just helped one of my
friends (Sara) move her stuff out
of her and her roomates's room into
her new one. She had a lot of stuff
and I kinda got mad because she
brought so much crap to college
(the rooms aren't that big). Well,
before all of that I actually helped
her rearrange her room. After that,
I went to her old room and
helped Dori
clean and rearrange her room (yes, I
have a friend named Dori and
she is
Sara's old roomate). We (Florencia,
Daniela, Dorisel, and me) all
had to
help fix the railings on her bed so
that it would do right. Well, I came
back to the room and went to sleep.
My roomate (Mercury Dragon) was still
up and had the light on.

Well, today was ok. I met with the
PBL president. She put me in charge
of contacting the local high schools
for an upcoming project. I was sooo
excited because I am only a freshman
here in college and I am already
getting these kinds of opportunities!
I hope they invite me to go to
Nationals with them! That would be soooo "amaZAzing"!! Well, after that
I stayed down in the lobby and helped
some friends finish a puzzle (that
thing was sooo hard... it was a Charlie
Brown one jeje). I went to eat dinner
in the caf... still nasty. I let the
friend that I had been having problems
with borrow my computer internet cord
because her and a group of other people
had a project to do... I think that
actually put us back to where we were
before the whole drama... jejejeje...

Ok, to the good part! I went bowling
with Kayla and Adrian! OMG...
my roomate sooo embarrased
me! She came up to me...
I don't remember
what exactly she said... but
she said something about
"me and my man"...
and Adrian was standing right there!!! I was sooo
embarrased... My friend
Kayla was laughing sooo hard because
she knew that it was SOOOO embarrasing
for me (because everyone knows that
I like him!!) But, we kinda forgot
about it when we finally started
bowling! (THANK GOD!!)We had
sooo much
fun and me and Adrian laughed sooo much!
I am so glad that it turned out like it
did! Then us three went to McDonalds...
Him and I got a French vanilla
cappacino... she got a parfait.
I had such an awesome time...
he is
sooo adorable (and we found out that
we have a LOT in common) I will
probably talk about that some other
day though.

I got back and everything so I
decided to write on everyone's
white board that is on my floor
yes, our dorm doors have white
boards on them). Then I watched
some of my Central American friends
act like monkeys (Dori, Dani,
and Ricardo)jajajaja!!! They really do
look like monkeys =P

Well, I guess that is all I have
for today! Ehhh, tomorrow I have to
do some laundry... and homework...
but I will still have some fun in
between the two jeje! Ok... going
to go now... Chaito!!

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Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok... so the beginning of this week
was really crappy. Ok, here is what
happened. Me and my friends went to
the welcome back dance on Saturday
night. Well, I started to like this
guy and he went with us. Well,
everything was going good, until he
started to dance with some girl.
Note: this wasn't regular dancing!
I got a little upset(of course I was
sad). Well the next day he didn't
talk to me and neither did one of my
friends. Well, on Sunday, she told me
that I was acting really weird... so
I went on the defensive... like anyone
would have... and she wouldn't talk to
me like... at all. I finally talked to
her over msnger and we kinda played
the blame game... but we decided to
put everything behind us. It wasn't
until today, however, that she actually
began to really talk to me. So I think
that we are finally getting over
everything. I am sooo happy for that
because I cannot stand for my friends
to be mad at me.

Ok... in other good news... I am
going bowling tomorrow night! I am
going with my good friends Kayla and
Adrian! I was talking to Kayla on
messnger and he happened to be there.
He was like, "so we are going to be
on a friends date" hahaha (by the way,
when I say jajajaja it is the same as
hahahaha) He is so sweet and I wish
that something good will happen. But
my friend said that he sounded excited!

And finally... I got an email from the
PBl president. She wants me to lead some events!! I am sooo happy because out of
all the new members... and some of the
not so new memebers... she wants ME to
do it because she can tell that I am a
leader! I am sooo happy because this
means that I might get to go to the
National conference!! It is very rare
for a new member to actually get to go
on their first year!

Ok... I think I have talked enough for
now... I will probably be back on here
on Sunday to rant about how bowling with
the cutest guy went! Sooo... Chao!!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

   Everything Is Worked Out

Well, I am glad that I finally
got my schedule worked out! Ok,
so on Mondays I have Conversations
(Spanish class), Biology Concepts,
and Intensive Intermediate Spanish.
On Tuesdays I have Survey of
Management, Intensive Intermediate
Spanish, and Comp II. I have the same
classes for Thursday as I do for
Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Fridays are
just like my Mondays, except I have
lab for my biology class on Wednesdays.
Yeah, complicated.

I thought I would have a good weekend,
but it was just the opposite. Last
night i went to the welcome back dance.
I actually went with a two friends
(one of them was one of the guys that
I like... that I went to Winter Formal
with). Well, the two people I went
with left early, but the other guy
that I liked was there. But that guy
was dancing all over this other
chick... but it is cool because that
is just her personality. =S I have been
sad all weekend for some strange reason. Obviously my friends have noticed
because they have told me that I
have been acting really weird, and
not like the usual weird that I always
act. I kinda got mad at them, and
when they brought it up it kinda felt
like an insult... so when they said
that I immediately got up and said
"I gotta go". I think they got the
notation that I was mad.

I looked up a quote on the internet
that really helped me today. I have
been in my room pretty much all day
just meditating of where my life is
going... and what to do with my future.
I put the quote on the whiteboard on my
dorm room door. Here it is:

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream
of the future, concentrate the mind on
the present moment." -Buddha

I guess life goes on... obviously I am
not meant to be with that guy. Maybe I
am just looking for love way to hard.
I just wish I could have that feeling
of intimate love, that I have never
felt before EVER in my life. I have
been on a diet since being back on
campus. I haven't drank one single
soft drink yet! Just water and (every
once in a while) 2% milk... yeah,
it is hard.

Well that is just about all I have
for now. I will keep everyone posted!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

   First Day Of The New Semester...

Well, if you didn't read the
title, today was the first day
of classes here at college. I
am lacking some sleep, but I
will make it til tonight. Well,
I had 3 classes today:
Conversations (Spanish), Weight
Lifting, and Intensive Intermediate
Spanish. Yep. I just hope I can
keep up with all of the Spanish
going through my brain. I mean,
I can understand everything that
the teachers say to me! I guess that
is good! =D

I am getting a headache though.
All this thinking (since I haven't
had to think for the past month).
I hope this semester goes great though.
I seen a lot of my friends already! I
am so excited because I got to hang
out with a great guy (some should know
who it is!) Yeah, I was so happy... but
I haven't seen him at all today (we
only have 1 class together). =(

So I bought a new phone for my room...
it isn't finished charging to where
I can use it. I just hope that if
works... because I will be making
another trip to Wal-Mart if not! I
am glad that I got another $1000 paid
on my tuition! That is a sigh of
relief! but... I still have a lot to
pay for as well. =( On top of that,
my Survey of Management book cost me
freaking $179!!! That is crazy!!!!

Well, I guess that is all for today.
I am about to go and eat dinner in
\the caf... ugh. Yeah, but at least
the food is better than back in high
school! Be back soon... chao!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hello all! Well, I guess it is
time to update... since some
friends have pointed out that
it has been sooo long haha! I am
on break right now, but I leave
for college again tomorrow! I can't
wait... I can't stand being at home
now. I miss all of my friends back
at Ozarks! (especially my 3rd
floor girls).

Well, over the break I just hung
out with friends back here at home.
I played lazer tag... a lot. It is
actually fun! Oh, and DDR... yeah.
I have also been wasting my time
with facebook and keeping in touch
with everyone. I have made a lot of
international friends... which I love
because I can experience a little of
their culture while I am here!

Ok. So in my last post I talked
about going to the Winter Formal.
Well, I ended up going with that
guy! We had such an awesome time...
and he looked good all dressed up!
haha. Anyways, he is so sweet and
I am glad that we are good friends.
Yeah, I am still single, but I hope
that something happens there.
I know... I am a dreamer... hmmmm.
Sorry if I haven't been by your
sites... I have no excuse except
the fact that I am lazy. lol. Well,
I am going to stop boring you people
now. I will be back sooner or later!
=D =D =D

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Friday, November 23, 2007

   I'm Back!

Hey everyone! Just thought I would
post something since I haven't done
so in a while. lol. I've been having
so much going on... it isn't even
funny! Well, here's a little update on
my life...

I don't think I can go to London...
yeah, I know right? bummer... I like
just one guy now... his name is Adrian
and he is from Costa Rica! =D I'm still
working at Sonic, but I'm going to quit
on my way back up there from Thanksgiving
break. I think I'm going to to to Winter
Formal (a formal dance at my college)
only if Adrian will go with me. jajaja
I'm missing all of my friends from
college.I'm mad at one of my best
friends because she can't make time
to hang out with me everytime I get
to come down from college. And lastly,
I realized that so many people and things
change when you go away. It's kinda
sad actually.

Well... sorry I haven't been on here
in a while. You guys just don't know
how busy a girl can get. I have like
over a hundred friends to make sure I
talk to and keep up with... because if
I don't then they will think I don't
care. Well, I gotta go. take care tqm!

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   Long Time No See!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't
been on here in a while. College
is getting a little crazy! Oh, I
also have facebook now so I've been
spending a lot of time on there talking
to all of my college friends! I'm
actually making a lot of friends!
A lot of them are international
students. That's cool tho...

For some reason though, here lately
I've been a little depressed. Some
of these guys are grabbing my
attention... if ya know what
I mean, but I feel like I'm
not good enough for them. I
just want to feel wanted at
moment and I don't feel that way!
There's this guy named Adrian...
he's from Costa Rica. Yeah, nice...
I know. We are friends, but I'm not
sure if he would think of me like
that. Then there's this guy named
Zi-Jin... he's from Malasia. He's a
little nerdy, but for some reason...
that's why I'm attracted to him. But
I'm not sure if he likes me like that
either... my friend Nadia is supposed
to find out for me tho. Guys are so
complicated! There are others tho...
but I'm not gonna talk about em.

Anyways, that's pretty much all
that's been going on... I'll keep
you guys updated tho. Oh, I made
my schedule for next semester too!
We have our pre-registration on Wed.
of next week! Well, that's all
for now. Talk to you guys soon!
Chao! Toodle-oo!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   Read Me! Read Me!

Hello everyone! Sorry It's been a
while since I've been on. I've just
been so darn busy! Well anyways, I
paid my deposit to go to London over
Spring Break! It's going to be so much
fun! I've been spending all night
trying to organize my side of the dorm
room. It really needs it! I mean,
if you guys could only see how
horrible it looks you would probably
be scared!

Anyways, I've also been collecting
applications for a different job.
Working at sonic is ok, but I just
can't seem to make a lot of friends.
Most of the girls that work there are
too high maintenence! It creeps me out!
I'm hoping to get a job at like Hibbit
Sports or something. I just want to
get away from anything that involves
with food!... especially fast food!

Oh yeah, so today was the first
meeting of the movie club. We
decided to call it "Eagle Productions".
It's where we film and act in our
own movies! It's going to be fun...
but there's this one guy that's in
the club. I can't stand him. For one,
he's really weird, sounds really
stupid, oh yeah and he's really
annoying. He don't know how to shut
up and he always interrupts people!

Other than that, things have been
going alright. I found out that
my passport should be in by December.
I can't really quit my job until I'm
sure I have another one. I have to
pay for the rest of my tuition and
I also have to save up for my London
trip... which has to be paid in full
by sometime in December!

Oh yeah! I had a PBL
(Phi Beta Lambda) meeting today
as well! There were a lot of people
there too. I'm going to be helping
the president of the club with coming
up with ideas for community service
and also helping prepare for it too.
Yeah, so I'm hoping all that I do with
that will be good enough to admit me
to go to the fall national conference
and a lot more.

Well, I've talked about a lot of
things... in fact I've talked about
too much! So with that I must go...
if I don't then I won't have anything
to talk about tomorrow... or the next
time I'm on here!
Chao! Toodle-oo!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

   How Do I Feel?!

Yeah, so I decided it was time
to post something... since I haven't
done so in like a week or so. OoO! I
don't know if anyone on here is a big
wrestling fanatic... but SHAWN MICHAELS
IS BACK! So I'm sure that DX is going
to get back together! :D If anyone
doesn't know... Shawn Micheals had been
out because of a head concusion... like
it wasv his third or fourth one! I'm
suprised that he came back so soon!
On the other hand though... John Cena
will be out for between a half a year
to a whole year due to his completely
torn pectoral muscle. :(

But anyways. My job is going ok...
I guess. There's this one girl that
works there and we have the same
name... but she's always making smart
comments to me. I haven't even done
anything towards her... but if she
wants I can give her something to
complain about! *fist to hand*
TE HE He he...

Oh, Me and Mercury Dragon finally
applied for out passports the other
day! Hopefully all the spots for the
London trip aren't gone yet! I also
bought Donkey Konga 2 and the bongos
that go with it last night for Gamecube!
I don't care what anyone says... I love
my gamecube! Oh and this weekend is
family weekend... even though my parents
aren't coming! I really didn't tell
them about it for the fact that I don't
want to have to play some stupid games!
Oh and I have to work this weekend too.
I hope Excel can still take me to
work or else I'll probably get fired
for not being able to show up!

Well, that's all I got for now.
I'll probably post again later because
there's still stuff that happened this
week that I haven't even got to talk
about yet!
Chao! Toodle-oo!

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