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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   Change Is Constant
Hello everyone! I haven't posted in
a few days... sorry. My week has been
sooo long already... and it's only
Tuesday! The weekend only seemed like
1 day! Well, today started out crappy.
I got into an argument with my roommate.
That was so stupid... I guess some
people never change...

I had to take some assessment tests
today. They sucked so much. Oh, and I
finally declared my majors! (Marketing
and Spanish). So, when I graduate I
will have a Bachelor of Science and
Bachelor of Arts degree!! I actually
didn't get to eat lunch until a little
after 2 today. I had an important
meeting and all those tests!

On top of all of that, we had some
huge storms come through Arkansas
tonight! I think they have already
confirmed 6 people dead and several
others are missing... hmmm... I
wonder where they could have gone...
I got really scared because a tornado
actually hit Memphis. My sister lives
and works over there and her company's
warehouses were hit by a tornado. One
of them collapsed, the other one
caught on fire, and it hit on
one side of the building she works
in. I am just glad that all of my
friends and family are ok!!

I was sitting here in my room when
my roommate told me that she is
going to be rooming with another
friend next year. Yeah, I was a
little pissed off because she
didn't tell me sooner... but it is
ok because karma comes back
around... Besides, I am going to
find one of my upperclass friends
and ask them if I can room with
them so I can automatically be
in McLean hall... jeje.

As far as my roommate (and good
friend) goes... she can do
whatever she wants! I am tired
of trying to make things work.
If she feels the need for a new
roommate then... hey... things
change. But enough about stupid
things like that... I just hope
I get to go to the movies with
my friend Kayla this weekend. I
want to go to a club this weekend,
but I don't know if my friends
are going to go this weekend
or not...

Well, I guess that is about all
the updating for now. If anyone
gets offended by this message then
all I have to say is "suck it"...
or how about... "bite me"...
I am going to end all the fighting
because I really don't like dealing
with unnessesary drama... So, I am
going now... chaito!

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