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Monday, July 4, 2005

   *sighs* school can be a real pain...
It's not because of the teachers, a lot of tests or a bad mark..
Well, there's a kinda war in our school. Because of the music we like. Me and my friends really like metal as I said once. And there're some more 'punks' on my school. But we're the minorety. And the others, that listen rap and pop and that stuff always say: "Come on, you stupid punks, piss off! We don't wanna have you freaks here!"
I hope there will be no missunderstanding now. I don't dislike people that listen to that music and i don't say that they are generally like that. I know some, and they are really wonderfull people. But the most of them in my school are really mean. Well, but we always shout back and call them names when they say stuff like that (well, who wouldn't fight back? I mean you still got your honor)
So, it gets even worse. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get out of that.. what ever, I got my last test for this year tomorrow.
please wish me luck..

PS: Here's a pic from my fav band: Machine Head

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