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Saturday, October 7, 2006


when i finally update and read my messages i read that a good friend of mine is trying to kill himself, it is not like i am delibreatly ignoring him its just i have a lot of stuff to do

Kinshin1 don't you dare kill yourself you hear.

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

The War on Terrorism

I think the war is a watse of time and money, Bush is trying to get rid of it but a terrorism leader is replaced within the week. They have hundreds of followers and are willing to keep doing what they do. Our country is already in debt and Bush hasn't got any money to pay the bills. I don't think Bush has any common sense the reason they are doing what the do is because their country doesn't have laws to do this and that. Personally i think Bush sucks, badly

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Eh well nothing going on today, i just took out the trash and reading, i think. Ohh and my taste buds has changed!! I can't eat really sweet foods, they are tasting icky now, blargh. But i can eat some sweets like chocalate like twice a month, thrice if i am lucky. Heh!!

Mou, what kind of Naruto couple do you like?? I like many couples (that are mostly yaoi, some yuri, few het!!
Eh and i think that Naru-chan is universal Uke (yaoi pairings)!!

Hey ima gonna give you guys a link that shows different yaoi pairings with Naru-chan as the uke!!
if you don't get it; 'Seme' means to attack (dominant) while 'uke' means to recieve (submissive).
Sealed By A Kiss

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

OI i'm back from the dead

Sorry i have been such a bitch by not updating for a long long time. so you can kill me using such wacked out virus that comes out of my screen and behead me whatever, okay i am giving you permission. well nothing has been going on except me reading lots and lots of Naruto yaoi fics, they are so droolworthy. well i have been fine, and my personaility has change a bit from a hyperactive annoying person to a hyperactive, annoying, sarcastic, sadistic dark person. Ha ha ha ha i am so great. Anyway germany sucks and i don't know how to type jack shit. Bye bye peoples.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

i had fun this boring weekend downloaded lots of songs for my mp3 player and was uteerly asleep for most of the day on saturday so how were yer weekend if nice i congradulate you and if not i still congradulate you, ha ha ha nothing is better then really a hiei story with the kuriko an insane lunitic who accutally thinks that the day she dates kuwabara is when yusuke is a drag queen, kurama is actually a girl, and hiei is a prissy boy who likes pink and is overemotional, this was not copied i made it myself

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

guring lunch my friend alex was one the end of the mat and there was a space between thayne who was also on the end of the mat i pushed alex off just as my friend got off making them look like they kissed, they didn't tho it looked like the naruto/sasuke kissing scene except on the cheek ha ha ha ha ah aha ha aha ah bai bai

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

hey peoples i just got back fro school so how are ya i was totally spontaneous today i was in the lunch room and blurted out "Beware pink bunnies are out to get you" then me and a couple friends threw snacks at each other and i was laughing to hard i fell off the seat i was crying my friend mistaken me for crying.... again bai bai

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

i have nothing to do today i have a four day weekend and so far it is very boring and i am therefor very annoyed by all the noise well i am going to my room now so long my friends

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Friday, February 17, 2006

i know i know i haven't updated in... -checks- um a long time, okay you can scold me, yell, shake, glomp, 'accidentally' kill me okay, i most likely deserve it, which is true most likely, but i promise that i'll let my sister slap me when i am not on about every day, if i miss a day pm salorfire so she can slap me, or whatever dunk me in cold water, so do your worst now so you can have a better revennge then okay, okay guys i love ya and you know that but happy late valentines day, i know i am very bad at keeping up with things, this is why i can't keep up with those dairies things, i start writing in it for three days and after that i somehow forget to write in it, a mystery, hmm i got two stuff animals for valentines day and a heart box of chocolates from my very shy friend, he ran ahter he gave it to my mom or sister i don't know, heh heh heh i was suppose to nag him about it, and stuff but i don't know how to nag about it, oh how cynical of me, darn love ya all somehow i feel you guys are all going to 'accidentally' kill me or glomps-me-lot ha ha ha ha ha still i love ya all not one thing do not send in emails to bug me why cause i haven't read my mail in how many days??

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

hello my friends today was really boring today i had two classes instead of the usual four why because it is half day, why because of to take an exam which took about 30 minutes and the rest of the day i played yatzee and scrabble, there were three against one, the three, thayne and alex, me, and shawn and josh, againsyt the teacher, she said that she can beat us combine we sure showwed her right we got 205 and she got 170 points weird huh yeah i was secod or third in yatzee, whatever the hell you spell it, well taday went fine and dandy, which sucks is that my sister slept in and didn't go to school, which she says she is sick, which i highly doubt that, and anyway nice to be here for ya guys, wish you luck

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