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Monday, June 16, 2008

So anyway here I am giving you the lastest news.


On June 15th I will be on hiatus for a couple months, so I wonít be able to be on any forums, websites, email and the like. I will be on a plane with my bratty little sister on the 18th because I am giving up my whole summer to be with my dad and his new wife down in San Antonio.

So I will be putting notices up on every website I currently frequent, so that all my loveable friends will get the message if they havenít now. If you have any presents for me, please note or email me with the link because I surely wonít be able to get to them after a couple months without internet. XD

And if you are confused by what I mean presents, I mean that my birthday is on July 5th so Kay thanks. I donít expect any presents in fact; so donít worry your pretty little heads about it. If you do give me presents then thankies a lot. ĖHugsyoumuch- X3

Apparently anyway Iíll probably be on some permanent adrenaline high with the amusement parks and the beaches and all the cool things down there. Iíll come back toasty for you guys. Iíll even post some pictures. So yay~!

Love you guys a lot,
~Natasu/Mayura Ashita


Yes impersonal but whatever.



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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ya. So today was any other day of the week. Basically it was boring and dull. That was how it was until after school ended. So I hung out with my friends until Yuki, Tony, and I went off to Goodwill, I think the store was called. So anyways we were walking talking about non-important stuff. And we get there....

So it took us quite a while to find Yuki's skirts but we didn't bother after 6 different pairs. So yeah we had nothing to do but were hungry. And when we're hungry we go out to eat. We were all in the mood for tacos, but when we got there it was under construction. ....Of which I knew nothing about until I actually got there.

Wow... ain't I slow. Anyways~! Pause... -edits out the many 'so's- Haha.

The main lobby ws close and all that was open was the drive throu right? We decided to walk through the drive throu but it took us a while because the talky moniter thing won't answer us and when we walked up to the window... and amazingly no one was there. Woohoo surprise surprise.

We walked back with little comments, such as "Yuki put on your seatbelt." and "Why am I in the back seat?", other such things. Moving on, when we got back to the moniter it still didn't answer us so once again we walked up to the little window and there was a guy there. Amazing.

We ordered our meal... and waited off to the side so we wouldn't get ran over by the 4x4 dodge truck I think it was? It was grey and shiny and was a truck that's all I could say. XD
After the truck passed be picked up our food and walked off behind the old Goodwill store. He sat on the curve like hobos and ate our filling tacos.

Mmm.... those were suck good tacos. =w=;;;

And throughout the walking through the drive throu thing we were smothering laughs and snickers all the while proclaiming, "We are we doing this again?".... Haha. And even the workers of the Taco Bell place were staring at us with little grins and chuckles.

The nerve of them. Lol Joking Joking~! XD It was absoulute fun. I think this was the most exciting day of May.

Congrats~! So how was your day?

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Saturday, May 17, 2008




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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hey guys~!

I updated my website again. Because I'm like that. And I have introduced my friend into the world of coding.

She said she felt like a geek. Or a nerd. I'm pretty sure it was a nerd. Oh well.

How are you guys anything intresting happen whilst I was out scouting the net?

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Join Me?

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Friday, December 14, 2007


School was boring today....,. And today felt like a saturday and threw my day off. Very much so. -___-'''

And today I hope I'll be able to stay awake and talk to my friends.

lol See you soon.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I love you guys very much. =3

I updated my site. I've been wanting to do this for so long. But I was so so lazy.

I missed you and now will be a regular memeber.

Yeah that's right I'm will be on every single friggin day. Until I do another -disappear for a year- stunts. Love ya!!!

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm sorry I haven't been on for a couple thousand months it's just as I told you before. I don't really post all that much.... ^___^

I'm usually on:

Sorry y'all I'll try to visit when I can.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Yo!! What's up? Sorry I don't post much, I am afraid that I am so lazy I don't update that Much -___-u. I'm horrible I know Sorry!!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Hey Everyone

I finally updated which is good right? Yeah so far everything is good until... I learn i am moving soon which is a peice of crap because I hate cleaning my room and hate moving around and hate how stuffy planes are. XP I found twogood friends that stick with me through everything and now I'm moving, great~. Then I learn they are both moving in March/April While I move in Febuary. I hope some of my online friends live near me so I can personally meet them which would be awsome XD!

Nice to see you guys, Ja Ne!

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