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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Eh well nothing going on today, i just took out the trash and reading, i think. Ohh and my taste buds has changed!! I can't eat really sweet foods, they are tasting icky now, blargh. But i can eat some sweets like chocalate like twice a month, thrice if i am lucky. Heh!!

Mou, what kind of Naruto couple do you like?? I like many couples (that are mostly yaoi, some yuri, few het!!
Eh and i think that Naru-chan is universal Uke (yaoi pairings)!!

Hey ima gonna give you guys a link that shows different yaoi pairings with Naru-chan as the uke!!
if you don't get it; 'Seme' means to attack (dominant) while 'uke' means to recieve (submissive).
Sealed By A Kiss

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