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Friday, February 17, 2006

i know i know i haven't updated in... -checks- um a long time, okay you can scold me, yell, shake, glomp, 'accidentally' kill me okay, i most likely deserve it, which is true most likely, but i promise that i'll let my sister slap me when i am not on about every day, if i miss a day pm salorfire so she can slap me, or whatever dunk me in cold water, so do your worst now so you can have a better revennge then okay, okay guys i love ya and you know that but happy late valentines day, i know i am very bad at keeping up with things, this is why i can't keep up with those dairies things, i start writing in it for three days and after that i somehow forget to write in it, a mystery, hmm i got two stuff animals for valentines day and a heart box of chocolates from my very shy friend, he ran ahter he gave it to my mom or sister i don't know, heh heh heh i was suppose to nag him about it, and stuff but i don't know how to nag about it, oh how cynical of me, darn love ya all somehow i feel you guys are all going to 'accidentally' kill me or glomps-me-lot ha ha ha ha ha still i love ya all not one thing do not send in emails to bug me why cause i haven't read my mail in how many days??

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