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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Lelavadee (01/16/08)

Hey there! Your page is cool. Dark&&mysterious=hawt. lol I luv it.


Well hopefully I'll see u around.


Kytes (01/08/08)

Hi, I was look'in through the place and noticed your dark backgrounded area! So I'm here signing your GuestBook! Sign mine if you wish or add me. Well I got places to meet and people to go, caio.

Shattered Peices (11/29/07)

hella =]
Iím just passing threw and happened to drop by your site, which i found rather cute, so I decided to leave my mark if that doesnít bother you.

feel free to pm me anytime youíd like.

if you do, though, please donít ask us to be friends. id rather be your friend than say Iím your friend. I donít know you that well yet; even if you do sound nice, I cant judge that question. Plus itís a weird question. XD

either way, id still luv to be your friend. id just like to get to know you better =]
Iíd much appreciate a sign back pleaseee.

Team Plasma N (11/27/07)

*jumping from roof to roof* Hey there! *lands before you* Its nice to meet you...I do wish to apoligize but I haven't been assigned any missions for awhile so I got bored and decided to see if the otaku is okay and investgate. Well that is what we ninja do and then I stumbled across your clan and decided to leave my mark..*looks around*...every thing seems safe so we are good. Sorry about a random marking lol...oh well either way when you have a chance can you come to my village and make your mark as well? I would appreciate it. Thanks and Cya!!! *does ninjitsu and disappears*

~Not only shall I protect Naruto I shall protect all those on the Otaku~

Panda (11/26/07)

Thanks for stopping by my site and signing my guest book. Your site layout is very nice. Great job! Hope all is well and I'll see you around the site. Take care! Laters!

Silent Love (11/25/07)

Thanx for stopping by my site, think its awesome you like my layout!!

Um...haha, I don't always get on here all that often...life has been so busy...but if you want to be friends I'll add you, and just don't give up on my too quickly!! I'll try to be a great friend. ^_^

Soshi, can't wait to get to know you bettere!!


JD Person (11/25/07)

now why would anyone mind becoming a person's friend?

♥ JD Person ♥

HAIL ZEON!!!!!!!!

xPunk x Zerox (11/24/07)


I was passing by and i thought i would sign your guestbook.

[I will sometimez just go around and look at otherz sites ^__^ most of the time just to look but there are sometimez i actually come across someone who interests me ^^ Today that is you!! Wootness!!!! Lolz]

Anywayz i really liked yourz that's why me here!!! You seem kewlz too =D

Well i do hope that you and i become friends. I often only add the ppl who comment so i hope i do see you around *Smiles*

See Ya


ink.black.sky (11/24/07)

Hey there, just thought I'd stop by and say hello! I really like your site! Well....I hope you have a blessed day!

demon dragon (11/23/07)

Hi! Just was clicking randomly on people's names and your name was in that bunch... So here I am ^^
Your site is nice. Keep up the work :)
it would be muchly appreciated if you came by my site and sign my guestbook back. Thanks!


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