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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Hey everyone.
I am feeling much much better today.
Thanks for all your nice comments, once again hehe ^^
Last night I wrote an induvidual letter to both of them, explaining why I was so upset that they all of a sudden dropped me. (It's happened too many times before, and it just hit me hard this time)
So yeah, this morning I dropped it infront of them. For half of the day they still acted as if I wasn't there, but at lunchtime one of them came up and said sorry. She said she still wants to be friends, but was afraid to talk to me when school started; she thought I might've snapped at her. Well guess what? I am more annoyed at them for not telling me that they weren't going to talk to me.

As for the other friend, friend #1 said she wanted to talk to me too, but seemed to avoid me yet again in my next class.
WallapaerOtaku asked: what about friend #3 who I used to hang out with before I hung out with those two friends?
I asked if I could hang out with her again, and she said yes. I think I'd be hanging out with her a lot now. We are even seeing a movie together this weekend, so things are looking up
So thankyou all of you, for reading my little troubles and giving me some advice on the matter haha.
*hugs all*
If only you could all be transported over here ^_^

Well, I am off to work now. Talk to you all soon!

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