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Friday, January 9, 2009

...Of course, penguins make everything better.

Hm, these headphones are good, but it has a microphone on it... not sure what to use that for...

Exams are pulling up fast this year... I feel like a missed a couple chapters in my chem. and physics, so I have to study a lot in there... maybe I can bring my books to work, lol

Well, aside from that, I decided to help out with the school paper as a editor/photographer, which I thought might keep me busy so I'd be less bored. Maybe I can write to if I can think of a topic.

Photoshop still isn't working, so I'm going to ask a bunch of people and maybe tweak around it a bit.

Ah well, heres a funny video! I wonder how people think of these ideas lol. Ghostbusters and final fantasy.

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